Nvdimm leads China's storage industry trend

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Nvdimm leads China's storage industry trend nvmsa 2014

The third IEEE seminar on non-volatile storage systems and applications (nvmsa 2014) was held at Chongqing University on August 20-21. Nvmsa is designed as a platform for global academic and industrial non-volatile storage researchers to freely share their knowledge, exchange experiences, gain insight into the future, and promote potential cooperation opportunities, this accelerates the design and application of non-easy-to-lose storage.

The conference covered mainstream and emerging R & D achievements on non-Easy loss storage, including research on Features of nvms circuit design, commercial or experimental prototype storage devices, research on non-volatile storage error correction and data encoding solutions, security and reliability of non-volatile storage and SSD storage systems, novel storage architecture and design for NVM Cache Design of servers, low-Power Architecture and management scheme for NVM and SSD, operating system and software support for storage management, signal processing and coding scheme in NVM System, coordinated design of hardware and software for non-volatile storage architecture, new application areas of nvms and SSD, etc.

The paper entitled "flash-based nvdimm Design and Implementation" published by yundong technology has been indexed by IEEE, mr. Huang hengrui, its chief technical expert, was invited to give a speech as a representative of the industry and demonstrated the application of nvdimm in system-wide protection. As the world's first WSP system, after its debut at the world flash summit held at the beginning of the month, it has aroused strong attention in the industry. Most of the domestic experts and scholars saw the magical effect of nvdimm for the first time. They all expressed their shock and surprise, because the computer used for demonstration looks the same as usual, but after the power supply is suddenly cut off, after power-on, the previous state of work can be restored instantly, and the data can be completely stored. This is a miracle that ordinary computers cannot achieve.

Future Storage Technology

Non-volatile storage has unlimited potential and has been proven to play a decisive role in future storage. Its features include high integration, large storage capacity, zero-standby power consumption, and high software availability. Today's hot research areas include nvdimm, PCM, STT-Ram, rram, feram, etc. academic and industrial research enthusiasm is unprecedentedly high and has a general trend.

Over the years, future storage technologies such as PCM, STT-ram, and reram have declared that they will eventually become general memory and replace existing memory technologies. However, most of them cannot be listed on time, nor have they achieved the declared results. In addition, with the continuous upgrade of the existing memory technology, the market demand for the new generation of memory is also slowed down. "Fram, MRAM, PCM and other technologies all have great opportunities to replace the existing memory, and the only requirement is to reduce the cost to a lower level than the existing memory. It sounds very simple. In fact, it is very difficult. It is a major challenge that hinders these technologies from reaching the critical value ." Jim Handy, analyst at objective-analysis, said.

Nvdimm super memory

Nvdimm is a kind of hybrid memory technology that effectively combines memory and flash memory to achieve non-volatile memory through super capacitors. It is called super memory in the industry, currently, it is mainly used in non-volatile primary storage and Low-latency permanent storage, such as full system protection, non-volatile write cache, memory database, and distributed storage. Its core technology is a semiconductor control chip. It is very economical and practical because it uses common commercial memory and flash memory and upgrades without modifying the architecture.

Nvdimm is leading the trend in the storage industry! Over time, the super memory technology will be able to blossom, resulting in a significant performance improvement.

Nvdimm leads China's storage industry trend

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