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With the increasing number of Chinese netizens, many products and service industries have flocked into the internet, resulting in a lot of enterprises and industry sites, each industry is competing for the internet this Feng Shui treasure. With the site must be to rely on the site to bring their own profits, profits from? Profit depends on the flow of production, then talk about the flow back to the site content and site in search engine rankings, but search engine rankings is not so good to do, your understanding of search engine attributes and ranking rules, this is the most headaches for many enterprises. As a result, many specialized companies or others to do site optimization, network promotion, brand planning, website construction, search engine marketing and web hosting Internet companies (for the short "optimization Company"), these optimization companies rely on fees to support the overall operation of the company.

With the increasing number of websites, many companies want to spend the least amount of money to get the best returns, please professional talent cost is high, so just rely on these professional optimization company, along with the optimization of the company's business is also getting better, a good point of the company can take dozens of a day, but the single too much, the staff can not do it. Hiring it, SEO industry, the talent treatment requirements are relatively high, do not recruit and do not come over, so some optimization company began to use SEO cheat way to help which enterprises to do optimization (common means include: keyword piling, mass, false keywords, redirect, black chain, Mass, software brushes, broiler brushes, buy links, etc.), This is the most rapid and effective ranking way, quick, optimized to the site to those enterprises, natural money also come quickly, not only save time and save money. Those enterprises took the site hand, after a period of time began to be the search engine penalty, the keyword plummeted, to ask optimization company, optimization company said this is your late maintenance is not a good cause, can not blame them. Of course, those enterprises also do not understand how the site is optimized, there is no professional talent, they just look at the ranking of keywords, so they were the optimization of the company in the dark.

In doing network optimization compared to make money, a lot of people or enterprises to see the business opportunities, so it produced a lot of Shell optimization company, that is, a company up to three people, some only a person, no technology, how do they make money? is to take orders and outsource them to other optimization companies or individuals. Their profits, they use a lot of enterprises do not understand this industry, give those enterprises will we how to optimize, this keyword in how long time to do up, but also to ensure that the ranking in the search engine number not off, and then cheat the orders. I've seen this kind of company, a company just one person, business, managers, bosses, employees are a person to do, they take the single and outsourced, more ridiculous is the "Shenzhen car Rental" This keyword Baidu ranked 31 years ago, 5000 yuan have been picked up, if you know the SEO people certainly understand the word business value and the degree of competition, Even if you do not understand SEO you should also know, renting a car for a better one, one hours. Hundreds of, those shell companies to outsource to those who optimize the company's profit is 55, here we should know the mystery of it, according to this method, should each of us can open optimization company, A man can all be done.

So here's a reminder to do the network optimization of the enterprise must choose to optimize the company, otherwise the money spent is the search engine punishment, the proposal in the case of favorable conditions or please SEO talent it, the internet industry can not cheap OH!!!

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