Open Source CMS system Moodle Comparison of China's indigenous open source online education platform Edusoho

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This period of time to study the famous open-source course Management System Moodle, also understand the current domestic comparison of online education platform Edusoho, found that there are many similarities, but the advantages vary. The next step is to compare the two platforms in a nutshell.

First of all, the characteristics and advantages of Edusoho :

1. have a strong professional and technical team, so can provide users with full-stack solutions.

2. edusoho edusoho

3.edusoho edusoho As a solution provider, Find the online education builders of these pain points, starting from the pain point, for each pain point to provide a set of technical solutions, these trivial and complicated work carried out a high degree of abstraction, separation, composition and encapsulation, so that the builders in the platform to do not care about the technical details, Instead, devote more energy to the platform's function building, builders can have more time and energy to consider the needs of users, and then according to user needs to customize a variety of features and services, and these features and services of the bottom-level implementation, all handed to the edusoho edusoho

4.EduSoho offers a variety of teaching functions, including traditional courseware display, online test, homework, data download, online communication, and more features of the MOOC platform, such as online teaching live and online teaching video, a complete set of The simple, fluent teaching experience makes online education more humane.

5.EduSoho Help platform Builders to achieve a variety of marketing tools, such as providing learners with first-hand learning information, providing a variety of preferential activities and coupons, and provide a comprehensive membership system and payment system, so that the platform can keep up with the forefront of technology and technology, to achieve better operational results.

6.EduSoho provides multi-platform support, whether it is a traditional computer or the current Internet mobile platform,Edusoho has provided the corresponding technical support, so as to maximize the needs of the platform's business.

7.EduSoho uses cloud server architecture, powerful cloud computing and cloud service capabilities to help platform builders and developers easily customize their own platform, while providing the platform with a richer educational resources.

Then compare Edusoho with Moodle :

1.EduSohois an Internet-based cloud platform with a stronger "Internet" attribute. WholeEdusohoThe platform is actually divided into two parts, namelyEdusohoLocal platform andEdusohoThe cloud platform, the local platform and the cloud Platform perform their duties but support each other. In the local platform we can do courseware display, layout homework, record notes and other simple work, in the cloud platform we can do some more advanced, more complex work, such as Cloud live, Cloud video, Cloud transcoding, and so on, these things are very performance-consuming, traditionalMoodleplatform because it is mainly based on localized services, it is difficult to achieve these complex operations, andEdusohothe use of cloud servers as a support not only makes it easy to implement these complex operations, but also greatly enhances the performance of the original localized server because of the powerful performance of the cloud server ,EdusohoIt also enables large-scale, high-traffic, highly concurrent online education support (if the original localization server can only support -users are online at the same time, thenEdusohocan support several times even dozens of times times, hundreds of times times the amount of online users);

2. The installation process is simpler than Moodle andtheMoodle installation process is relatively complex and cumbersome to configure, whileEdusoso The interface is more concise, more rich, more interactive;

3. Compared with Moodle ,Edusoho provides a more comprehensive one-stop solution, including cloud video, Cloud Live, online payment, support, etc., greatly reducing the developer's construction costs.

4.EduSoho 's technical architecture is very clear and reasonable, its in, extended performance is very powerful, because it is a cloud-based server architecture, so its server performance is more resilient, only need to change some configuration files, can expand the platform's capacity and concurrency anytime, anywhere, this relative to Moodle Localization Service Support scheme, its dynamic expansion performance is more powerful;

The 5.EduSoho is designed with responsive design and can easily adapt to different platforms, whether on the Windows platform or on the mobile platform, users can have a good interactive experience.

6.EduSoho provides a complete set of RESTFUL interface, through the interface, can be very convenient to support The docking of other platforms and Edusoho;

The 7.EduSoho provides an open cloud platform that enables developers to make use of development documentation and Two development efforts with the basic cloud platform provided by Edusoho .

8.EduSoho adopts class organization form, which is the embodiment of the offline class forms on the Internet platform, can facilitate the communication between teachers and students, this and Moodle Similar, can solve the learner's loneliness problem;

The 9.EduSoho uses a fast iterative, agile development model that quickly iterates through multiple different system versions to meet the needs of different users, which is also Edusoho The most important reason to win nearly 20,000 customers in a short period of two years;

The 10.EduSoho cloud architecture and its security strategy determine its security, stable performance, while Edusoho under the strong technical support, but also focus on the strengthening of education theory, thus has a high degree of professionalism, Edusoho Although the charge model, but has a high cost-effective;

11.EduSoho as a local company, widely solicit the development needs of domestic universities, the most understanding of domestic education market, and thus able to provide the most in line with China's educational conditions platform.

Summary: Moodle and Edusoho Although there are many similarities in the technical architecture and functional structure, but careful comparison will find that there are still many differences, Moodle as Under the GNU General Public Agreement, open source software is a world-class product, its business needs and functions of the radiation surface is more natural, and Edusoho as a local product, catering to a large number of college practical teaching needs, more in line with the domestic education and teaching situation, Its excellent platform architecture will also make some traditional online teaching platform impacted.

Open Source CMS system Moodle Comparison of China's indigenous open source online education platform Edusoho

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