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For a lot of webmaster SEO is not a new topic, I am a novice in this field and some experts have a big gap, but recently I have been strengthening the knowledge of this area, I will talk about their own experience, I hope to help you, if the elaboration has not the right place hope everyone corrected.

1. Pay attention to the number of chain outside the site, faith to the quality of the king's characteristics. Based on my own experience, I found that many sites with the same keywords on my site do a really good job, and the snapshot of the web is not my new, but is the ranking is very ideal, basically keep the first page in Baidu, but I looked at their site outside the chain of up to 8,000 more than, and mine .... Because I just started not to understand SEO and basically not pay attention to the number of sites outside the chain and make the site ranking is not ideal, I hope that webmaster to this as a ring

2. Try to install search engine crawler recorder, record the search engine's frequent crawl time period and update the content of the site in this time period, this will be to some extent to please spider crawler

3. Develop the habit of checking the website Friendship link in time, lest be dragged down by K's site

4. Publish some articles in the famous website, and leave the website domain name in the article, this can greatly increase the number of the chain outside the website.

5. There are technical webmaster can develop some of their own programs, I have had this experience, my site just started, I have nothing to do, the development of a small tool, placed in several well-known download station, the advantage is that you can increase the number of high quality outside the chain (because the download station will show the link of the program official website), Also can increase the flow, this does not need to say, the program is downloaded, will naturally have a considerable part of the site will be clicked link.

6. Try to static the site, and as far as possible to discard too many pictures, flash, etc., because this will affect the site loading time will also affect the crawler access, but also should pay attention to the navigation bar, do not want to purely the most beautiful and completely with the flash navigation instead, The disadvantage of this is that search engine crawler can not identify the text in Flash, and greatly reduce the amount included, but there is a good solution is to add a simple text link at the bottom of the site.

7. Set up a site map, this point to make full use of Google Webmaster tools, real-time submission site map. This is very important for search engines to be included more comprehensively

8. The spirit of the content of the king's principle, pay attention to the original. Maybe some people will say I also know to be original, but original is so simple AH. I have a few suggestions for this. First copy other people's Web site as far as possible do not copy, the change of mind, so to a certain extent can deceive search engines. Again is to try not to use some of the false original tools, such tools because of the technology is still very imperfect, in the false original content to change the completely out of the original consciousness. When I first built the website. Because of curiosity and do not understand the reasons to try, the results found that the site content was changed beyond recognition. I'm going to have to do it again.

9. As little as possible to change the site keyword and tittle label don't often revision

10. Use the DIV+CSS website structure as far as possible, this return is friendly to search engine

11. We can make full use of good webmaster tools in the dead chain check, to develop the habit of frequent death chain inspection of the site

12. The use of good Yahoo Collection, Cape of Hope and other network favorites tools, because reptiles in this kind of site crawling more frequent, so that you can increase the number of outside the chain to a certain extent

13, I integrated their experience with others, Baidu Crawler do not like the window ads, the new station webmaster may be as little as possible to use the window ads, although the window ads have its own advantages, use the window ads immediately, we can not only the immediate interests of the excessive addition of window ads.

14. This is to maintain a good mentality, do not pay too much attention to keyword ranking, traffic, etc., to believe that the site rankings and traffic will come up, but only a matter of time, and then to believe that perseverance is victory, not because in a short period of time did not achieve good results and halfway.

15. Through the Webmaster QQ Group, Forum and other ways and others to Exchange Web site optimization experience, take others long, make up their own short. After all, "Three of the Cobbler, race a Zhuge Liang" Ah

These are based on my first site since the beginning of some experience, I hope to help you, welcome and I exchange experience QQ1308080206

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