Pirated software boom the IT industry has killed the software industry (original)

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This year, I went to a Hong Kong software outsourcing company for an interview. Waiting, looking at what the company boughtProgramMember magazine. I saw an article about a person from the industry who visited the United States and met an American programmer. American programmers do not need piracy, and companies do not. The company also strongly urged employees not to install pirated software for their computers; otherwise, they would be dismissed.

Ask why? He just said something... Finally, the author concluded that the result is too easy to discard and will not be cherished. The company spent so much money to buy a genuine development tool, it has to make the most out of its value, will not easily switch to new development tools. Programmers are becoming more and more sophisticated in technology. The developed software is strong, easy to use, and has high performance. The software is sold well, the profit is good, and the profit is a virtuous circle.

What about China? Students constantly learn new languages and development tools. On the contrary, their basic knowledge is not solid. The company pulls leather strip to attract customers. I like updates, better use, and faster development. The more fancy the interface, the more powerful the concept of language and development tools. You only need to swindle money to ignore the long-term interests and the quality of software.

The company requires programmers to get started quickly, so it's not your future! Replace you with a cheap knowledge.

Some people say that programmers have to learn and have no money to sell development tools. They naturally use pirated tools! Yes, no error! Microsoft's development tools, like VB, have a learning version of about RMB 100. What other Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition. If the price is even 100, you can also borrow money from school teachers and students! The most important thing is that it is enough to learn only one development tool. It takes a month to buy an entry-level book to learn how to use its IDE, it will take at most one month to learn its MFC, and the learning is probably OK. Take the rest of the time to learn the structure,Algorithm, System, compile. You must be proficient in technology. What about it?

In fact, pirated computer hardware manufacturers, vendors, various software application companies (Computer newspaper), and those new and fashionable people! Talk about DIY hardware and network life.

How is our software industry? How is a software company? How are software practitioners?

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