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Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the design of the product review of the electric business.

A few days ago in the Robin club to share the design of the product reviews, feel that the addiction, here blog record.

Before we start the product analysis and comparison, let's take a look at the two-piece product shapes that are currently impacting on detailed page reviews,

One is the information interaction ancestor : BBS, forum. We have been accustomed to reading information and discerning the essence on the floor of the first floor. For the idea of the landlord to review and express their views, the follow-up people will be the previous information as a part of the original content, so there will be more on the first floor of the decision building to such comments and interactive.

One is Taobao , for a long time, we can see, a large amount of Taobao sellers to the user's comments to the notice of the influential position of the introduction of the product, but also a PS, to be affixed. At one glance, all is the praise of the goods, all is the recognition of goods. There is no denying that the more such goods, Taobao or the more sold better.

Then we'll take a look at the processing of commodity reviews by foreign web sites.
1, Product detail page, short, lean, one page to finish.
Foreign Merchandise page, concise information, parameters are displayed in a page.

2, the weight of the comment
Either Amazon's 13 (5+7) reviews, or Zappos's 17 comments, are enough to explain the importance of the comments to the electric quotient and the focus on the comments.

3, focus on the domestic Beijing-east
I have always been mindful of the changes in the details of Jingdong in the comments on commodities, and I believe that in the east of Beijing, the review and presentation of the goods, as well as the operation of the commentary, is also an important project. It is said that Jingdong has more than 100 operations team, I think their KPI should be part of the comments (a person guessing ha)
1, analysis structure
Let's take a look at the structure of Jingdong's commodity reviews. For example, this article.
A, the number of product attribute areas is displayed
In the Product detail page design, I have always adhered to a point of view: the consumer site to precipitate its own value, the value of settling the purchase of users. The value of this detail is self-evident, the number of clicks is also the absolute first click position on this page.
B, Commodity evaluation
Basic elements of commodity reviews,

    • 1, praise rate.
    • 2, three comment levels. (Good assessment of the difference)
    • 3, user element. (rank, name, area)
    • 4, interactive elements (useful, useless),

Then tab layered display, and integral encouragement (later on)
(As for the praise of the particle design is not written in this essay, later hope to have the energy to write more detailed product aspects of the article.) )

C, Commodity Consulting
Jing-dong is the domestic commodity in the consultation on the comparison of the former. It's better to do it. Fortunately, the classification of commodity consulting.
Jingdong is divided into 7 levels according to the property of commodity consultation. (In fact, only 3 layers of the true, 4 are the false layering of help)

    • 1, Commodity Consulting
    • 2, Inventory distribution
    • 3, pay
    • 4, invoice warranty
    • 5, Pay help
    • 6, Pay help

D, the drying list
The sun, this thing is a forum of a derivative, 07 in the fence to do products, the internal training of communication to understand that the operation of a large part of the workload is to guide the user's sun and display, the Forum to organize these posts, top, etc. to pull the forum's active degree. Jingdong is also my personal first time to see the sun to do the product detailed display page above, and do a better job.
In terms of product form, simple BBS publication, audit, release mode, map, give and reward, very good pull this interaction.
In contrast, every guest's user comments and blueprint display, and so on, do less than Jing Dong, interested students can go to compare.

2, summarize the product characteristics of commodity reviews
A, all around the "commodity itself"
Today, with colleagues to share product design, I said, any one page or product, it must have its own essence. And what is the nature of commodity reviews? Is the influence, is the transmission. Affect what? Pass what? affect the user purchase, the delivery of commodity multi-level information. Everything is like an actor to visit Alibaba, there is a saying that "Today less worship horse Total, xx is the protagonist." Everything around the commodity itself, around the user's behavior, around the user purchase psychological decision-making to make breakthroughs and decomposition.
b, the skills of classification
As mentioned above, and we can see on the Product Classification page of Jingdong, what is the classification of Jingdong? Why are you so divided?
My understanding is that. Classification is based on the nature of the sale of goods to decompose, around the user to purchase the level of concern to decompose. This depends on the commodity and the understanding of the customer. If you do not want me to suggest that I can talk to colleagues in the marketing department, and more contact with some customers to chat.
C, operating ideas
It's a matter of time and effort to talk about the operation, the operation of goods, the operation and collation of goods. How to guide? What kind of atmosphere of public opinion is guided? What kind of public opinion format? I share a experience: Early commodity reviews, drying orders, the default to give a comment on the style and so have to work hard to ponder, a product review of the Guide, the first batch of formats, must be the company out of human flesh. Later gradually to guide the customer to see, and then gradually formed the atmosphere. Jing Dong's good atmosphere, fence net every day of the essence, also is not a day to change.

3, Next on the current online I think the better jingdong commodity reviews, do my comments, comments on behalf of the personal views and views. (for example, this article)
Product structure:
In my personal impression, Jingdong's product review was revised about 4-5 months ago, before a relatively single function, which now makes a clear division of the 3 modules.

    • A, the product evaluation made 3 modules of the segmentation.
    • B, Evaluation module of the high praise of the enhanced display.
    • C, the evaluation module on the user's priority comments Guide (note the following operating rules)
    • D, foreign Amazon and other commonly used UGC (User create content) "useful" "useless"-this late Jingdong has no docking algorithm application I am not clear.
    • E, the display of the membership level
    • F, membership level extension (Member's comments aggregation page)
    • G, all comments on the product aggregation
    • h, upgrade the function of the question module (the most important)
    • I, the division of questioning module, the design of classification, the guidance of classification
    • J. Full-Text Search for questions
    • K, the UGC of the question
    • L, question and answer the operation (we do electrical business estimates have seen people sent to our Jingdong customer service to some of the more alternative questions of the QQ message)
    • m, real problem classification and shopping logistics information help mix
    • N, the design of the drying sheet
    • O, the function of the drying sheet, upload, guide and other design ideas
    • P, the question and answer of the drying sheet
    • Q, what's the difference between asking questions and asking questions?

...... The latter is not described in detail.

A brief list, you can see that the BoE to the user comments system attention. Suggest that you spend some time to study and analysis, combined with their own site to do the transformation, remember my previous paragraph, all around the "purpose" "core" and "essence."

4, finally I say the value of the commodity review, simple to do a summary.

There is no doubt that the comment on the commodity is very important to the commodity display, as far as its value is concerned, I have summed up the following several aspects.

A, influence.

When training for a friend's company, talk about the setting of the detail page of the product, I have always emphasized the idea that "the user buys the process, is the user convinces oneself the process, is the user imaginary product suits own process, is a morale process" and the commodity detailed page, the commodity display, and the commodity commentary is the user confidence guidance and strengthens To help him convince himself.

b, Buy Help

The decision to purchase depends not only on the information, but also on the auxiliary information, the so-called auxiliary information, which is the third party information. The enhancement of comments can effectively reflect the use of third party users, different latitude and views. In particular, the results of information from similar buyers is a good help to buyers.

c, information balance, talk about processing skills.

In a conversation, a friend at Robin Club asked about the balance of the comments. That is to say, how to deal with different differences in customer understanding of goods. The balance of information requires skill. Avoid simple and brutal deletion. There are two solutions, one for the product: background adjustment, enhancing the weighting of beneficial information, and using information noise coverage to weaken negative comments. One is Robin said, SEO processing, in the front of the evaluation plus a paragraph of JS code to shield the crawler. In particular, the business website of large businesses, the processing of merchandise information must be responsible for the management, accumulated more processing experience.

Optimization of D,seo

A friend of electrical business start-up, he said, his previous site is rarely SEO optimization, but Baidu search is very close to the front, why? Because of his product comments and user questions are separate modules, many forms are the user's query form, original content, updated content, user questioning mode of text, these natural search engine weight is relatively high.

E, dissemination

This value is needless to say. From a very early Beijing-East customer Service classic questions and answers to sell kitchen knives, to buy diamonds to send a BMW user questions and answers to send "mano". I believe that Jing dong from this piece made a lot of traffic and attention of the eyeball.

F, precipitation

Time is not only the alchemy of affection, but also the alchemy of information precipitation. We often go to see Taobao, must be on those poor PS, the record before the customer purchase a patchwork piece of paste in the product description of the phenomenon of the impression. Both the amount of purchases and the customer ratings are the treasures they show off the quality of their goods. (unfortunately cups of Taobao rules they can not precipitate, regular emptying, these are more than the advantages of the Business-to-consumer, because the goods we control)

Finally, to sum up, looked at a bit too much.

In the expression of commodity attributes, we always prefer to pay attention to goods, pictures, prices, because these are the most important, but with the development of time, the brand of precipitation, the impact of the purchase of the review module is gradually in the development of online shopping has become increasingly prominent value. (the last bold prediction, the future of electricity dealers must be community-based, whether it's an enduring fence or a new model of Groupon, or a new center-centered Beijing-East Forum is showing this trend, after all, people are at the heart of everything, the community of aggregators is a realistic map. , focus on our comments, and take the time and effort to optimize the upgrade.

For the product manager's broken professional habits, finally share the comments on the product design my understanding.
1, product shape grasp 3 aspects

    • A, input and output of information (source of information)
    • b, the presentation of information
    • C, the operation of information (beneficial to their own, and impact) conditions, product design considerations.

2, operating product design 4 angles

    • A, evaluation of the guidance
    • b, evaluate how to enlarge the influence commodity
    • C. Dissemination and stimulation of evaluation
    • D, next time the user habits

Finally: share a few new ideas for product review processing.

1,lightinthebox's comment entry front, also has the default praise is 4 star starting point, is advantageous to the commodity. Oh. (page please click)

2, no sound, no good play can not go out. The web is clean to a few pages. (page please click)

3, to be added

(PS: Recently, in the interactive to the Environment of trust and purchase behavior trend of the impact of a biased paper nature of the book, I am a bad habit of a thing interested in hard to get ... Later I believe there are more reading experience and practice, then I update. )

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