Project Manager transcendence (1) Have you surpassed?

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[Have You surpassed ?]

Time progress ~~~ Cost Control ~~~ Quality requirements ~~~ Customer Satisfaction ~~~ Personal success ~~~

These words seem to have been lingering in the hearts of the Project Manager. They are the goal of the project manager and the source of pain; they are the glory of the project manager and the source of shame of the Project Manager.

Every project manager may have the following dream:

In the face of a project sentenced to death, I stood up without hesitation. Not for yourself, but for the team, for the responsibility, for the honor! Struggle ...... Setbacks ...... Pain ...... Try again ...... Finally, an almost impossible task was terminated by myself. So, honor, love, happiness forever ......

But as soon as you woke up, you finally woke up looking at the wise-wise leaders, the trash-and-trash-faced customers around you. "Oh, my God, forgive me for ignorance and arrogance !" You began to confess: "This kind of dream is a kind of profane, because you cannot do it even if it is God !"

[Unable to succeed, because you have not exceeded]

There is a strong philosophical poem.
Question Xilin Wall
"I don't know the true colors of the mountains, just because I am in this mountains ."
There is a simple explanation for this poem: because you are in the mountains, you can't see the true nature of the mountains!

There is a wise fable
Sit in the sky
The frog sat in the well to see the day. SIGHS: "Good days and good days ."
There is also a simple explanation of this fable: Because you are sitting in a well, you cannot know the breadth of heaven!

Time progress ~~~ Cost Control ~~~ Quality requirements ~~~ Customer Satisfaction ~~~ Personal success ~~~

When you think that these goals will never be met at the same time, you are pleased that they will always leave you alone and leave you stretched. But the question is-is that true?

When you try to prove that these goals can never be met at the same time, have you ever asked yourself seriously?

-Hi, are you in the mountains?
-Hi, are you at the bottom of the well?
-Hi, are you in the project?

Sun believes that,The only reason you think it is impossible is because you are in the project.At this time, you need to surpass. Yes, beyond the project you are working on!

[The miracle of transcendence]

Said Yuan Shikai, a late Qing politician.

In 1908, after being removed from all duties by the video administrator, he left Beijing and went back to his hometown to become a fisherman. The Xinhai revolution broke out in 1911.

Qing Ting decided to enable Yuan Shikai as the project manager. This project is to destroy the southern rebels.
In October 10, 1911, the xinhai revolution broke out. By March 10, 1912, Yuan became the president. Yuan Shikai completed almost impossible tasks for a project:
-Time (5 months)
-Resources (30 thousand people from Beiyang Army, Yuan Shikai has only 30 thousand troops and horses)
-Price (only two battles: The Beiyang Army conquered the Hankou and Hanyang; the war was limited to Wuhan)
-Benefits (the benefits of the Republic have been overturned by manqing; the benefits of the Republic have not been lost; the benefits of becoming the President of the People's Republic of China are the same as those of the National Salvation hero)

Let's look back at the battle of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom:
-Time (14 years)
-Resources (Millions of troops and horses are invested only before and after the Hunan army)
-Cost (tens of millions of people are killed; war has affected 18 provinces)
-Benefits (China suffered from major internal injuries; Zeng guofan Zuo zongtang Li Hongzhang, among others, only to the count and only to the Governor)

The comparison between the two is simply a nine-day comparison, a nine-day comparison. Do Zeng guofan Zuo zongtang and Li Hongzhang have no level? Absolutely not. So why is the difference so big?

As a project manager, Zeng guofan is affiliated with the project "destroy the peaceful heavenly kingdom. As a project manager limited to the project itself, Zeng guofan spent 14 years switching from a successful wage earners to an outstanding wage earners.

As a project manager, Yuan Shikai surpassed the project "eliminating the southern rebels. As a project manager surpassing the project itself, Yuan Shikai spent half a year switching from a laid-off employee who had been unemployed for three years to the first President of the Republic of China!

-- This is an incredible miracle beyond the project itself!

For a project manager, it is important to correct the relationship between herself and the project as a woman chooses her husband. From this perspective, there are only two types of project managers: project managers who are limited to the project itself, and project managers who surpass the project itself.

Assuming that the best project manager's standard is: shortest time + minimum resource input + minimum cost + maximum benefit. Sun believes,Project managers that meet the best project manager standards may and may only surpass the project itself.Yes. When you go beyond the project itself, you can do it.

-- Time progress, cost control, quality requirements, customer satisfaction, and personal success all get the best results!

Why can Yuan Shikai achieve the elimination of the southern rebels?

-- Yuan himself, Beiyang department, Revolutionary Party, weixinpi, the whole country, and even the Qing royal family have all had the best ending?

Final answer:
None. Yuan Shikai surpassed the project "eliminating the southern rebels !!!

[How can we surpass projects ?]

"Is there such a good thing ?" Many of my friends are excited. "How can we surpass the project itself ?"
Achieving transcendence is not difficult, as long as you can reach any of the following:

-Advances in preparation;
-Surpass in mentality;
-Surpass in doing things;
-Result transcendence.

Yes. Project managers who have reached any of them can proudly announce

-- I am the project manager that surpasses the project!

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