"Er mao seo Tutorial" The Seventh Lesson: SEO Operations-keyword selection and optimization

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First, Keywords:

1. How to optimize the target keywords within the station.

(1) How to choose the appropriate target keywords?

such as: Hefei move Hefei Moving Company

Analysis: Transposition thinking, ranked in the home site is sure to do is good, novice can take a little modification directly with, fully consider the competitor site.

(2) around the target keyword, the three major tags. (title, keywords, description)

How to avoid the three big label over optimization leads to the K station: first, backstage, second, template file

2. First thinking key words: Hefei moving, Hefei moving company, Hefei moving company Telephone, Hefei moving company price (in the Input method state)

Second, title:

Error Case:

- years! Seowhy piled suspicion!

title: Hefei Move _ Hefei Moving Company _ Hefei Moving Company Telephone _ Hefei Moving Company Price-Excellence moving company (most want to do, try to rely on the front!) )

Correct wording: In a nutshell, mix into all the keywords you want to do.

The most formal Hefei moving company, telephone, price, Hefei moving company which good, ranking, the preferred Wang Shifan moving company! --seo the title of the standard, a word to summarize all the keywords can.

(this title contains: Hefei moving, Hefei moving company, Hefei mobile phone, Hefei moving Price, Hefei moving company phone, Hefei moving company Price, Hefei moving company which good, Hefei moving house, Hefei moving company rankings, Hefei moving rankings)

Note: When you write a headline, the words that you want to do most are placed at the front.

Key words: Hefei move, Hefei moving company, Excellence moving Company (brand words, if the brand has included problems, indicating that the site problems)

Expansion: Some large sites and many foreign sites do not use keyword tags, because there is no role, just to check the rankings.

Third, Description:

- years ago: Hefei Moving-Hefei moving company--Excellence moving service station

over-optimization keyword stuffing. Title is: keyword 1_ keyword 2_ keyword 3_ keyword 4_ keyword 5-brand word

Now the wording: Hefei, the largest and best quality Hefei moving company, telephone, address-excellence moving service station Baidu has its own segmentation technology.

The biggest advantage: avoid to Baidu feel excessive optimization.

Suggestion: Go into search engine, summarize all key words in a sentence.

Description: The Excellence moving service station (tel 0551-66666000) is a Hefei local most standardized moving company, to provide Hefei unit move, family move, long-haul freight, piano handling, furniture disassembly, air conditioning shift, ATM teller machine handling installation, A regular agency for bulky goods handling services.

Plus Contact Benefits: long-term past, increased anti-chain , beneficial harmless.

Note: Contact way as far as possible, otherwise the search engine cannot display.

(1) How to arrange keyword density? (foot, secondary navigation) template file.

(2) Update the relevance content According to the target keywords. (Must be relevant)

(3) Outer chain. The first step: Forum blog to business-business and other free chain; the second step, if the weight to 1, all aspects of normal, the main work on the friend chain, 30 or so, relevance.

Iv. how to optimize long tail keywords

(1) How to choose long Tail keywords? taking the relocation of Hefei as an example

Hefei Moving company fees and details Hefei moved to move Hefei Binhu moving company to move Hefei school relocation needs to pay attention to what matters?

First: The title must appear long tail keywords; second: As far as possible in the keyword tags and description tags appear in the long tail keywords; Thirdly, we must reasonably arrange long tail keywords appear in the article or content inside.

(2) the page title , to appear long tail keywords, page content , as far as possible to appear long tail keywords, or with long tail keywords related keywords. blend into the long tail keyword

(3) update the drive: There is an updated section, drive page updates. To update the snapshot, to improve the ranking to a new grade. News list. will drive full-site updates, content site updates, snapshot updates, snapshot updates, ranking will be updated.

(4) Outer chain. (Do it yourself, don't buy it online)

Summary: 1. The choice of words is very important!!! 2. Keyword density: a foot, do not deliberately.

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"Er mao seo Tutorial" The Seventh Lesson: SEO Operations-keyword selection and optimization

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