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There are many free and open-source e-commerce platforms outside China. I have selected 15 of the best free and open-source e-commerce transaction platforms, hoping to find a way out for the majority of sellers, earn more money!

Each one has advantages and disadvantages and is designed for subtle user differences. It takes a lot of time to upload products and customize your stores, so make sure you try multiple platforms before making a decision and then integrate them into your website.

1.PrestaShop (free)

PrestaShop is another robust professional e-commerce solution that can be downloaded, installed, and used for free. At the end, you can use a full-featured background office application to manage online commerce (including inventory, orders, shipping, and customers) in real time ). The customer's payment can be sent directly to your commercial bank account using the latest security technology.

2.Zeuscart (free)

The best of Zeuscart is its user interface, which is rich, charming, user-friendly and not so annoying as most open-source interfaces. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, users can create SEO-friendly links, gift cards, discounts, email templates, and hierarchical pricing, so that large orders can be reduced.

3.Zen Cart (free)

For ease of installation, customization, and management, Zen Cart is suitable for those who want an intuitive e-commerce platform. It comes with a news manager, discounts, e-coupons, and other basic functions you want. Users can use a large majority of plug-ins to customize their stores, making their management experience easier. However, too many plug-ins make the interface messy, which is a disadvantage of this platform.

4.Tomato Cart (free)

TomoatoCart is a new generation of open-source shopping cart solutions. It is a branch independent from osCommerce 3. As network applications become increasingly sophisticated, modern web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax and rich Internet applications provide significant availability improvements and make interaction with network interfaces faster and more effective.

5.StoreSprite (free)

Although it is completely free, StoreSprite provides many features that can only be found on some paid and more popular platforms. These include customer loyalty, customer rating and comments, status reminders, order tracking, special offers, best-selling items, and customer accounts. The main disadvantage of this platform is that your store will have a visible StoreSprite copyright, unless you pay for the removal.

Louis Han commented: I am not familiar with e-commerce platforms, but I think these are still very useful for those who want to do foreign electronic transactions, I know that there are many e-commerce platforms in China that are suitable for national conditions.

6.CubeCart (free)

CubeCart is great. It can be very well integrated into a variety of websites, and the customer's point of view looks very professional. CubeCart 3 is free, and the advanced platform for CubeCart 4 costs 110. There are some notable differences between the two: CubeCart 3 has three skins and CubeCart 4 has five; CubeCart 3 has four payment steps, and CubeCart 4 has only two payment steps; user Registration is mandatory in CubeCart 3, and optional in CubeCart 4. If you want to use it for a long time, I recommend you purchase CubeCart 4. Before that, we recommend you try CubeCart 3 to see if you like it.

7. RokQuickCart (free)

RokQuickCart is Joomla! The last shopping cart is very simple. Although it is simple, it is both a help and an obstacle, so it can be established within a few minutes, but it lacks some features of other platforms, such, it only accepts payments through Paypal and Google Checkout. As you have already said, you generally look good and the product image display is impressive.

8.Ubercart (free)

Ubercart is designed to sell such as file downloads, event registration, site access passes, and activity tickets, rather than physical products. Emart for example needs to be integrated into Joomla! Ubercart must be integrated into Drupal. Using ideal modules and themes will make Drupal users feel comfortable. However, if it is not Drupal users, I suggest choosing a more direct platform.

9.OsCommerce (free)

OsCommerce follows a General Public License, which is completely free and can meet the needs of most people. It is not surprising at all. Considering its ease of installation and operation, it is very popular and drives more than 228,700 online stores. However, such popularity also has a bad trend-it is difficult to distinguish your store from thousands of stores. If you want to stand out, you need to use the 5,800 plug-in that you can obtain. These are paid.

10.Magento (free)

You only need to check the customer list of Magent to realize what a great open source software it is. Samsung, The North Face, Stussy, and Nespresso all use it to provide their online stores. It is used by 30 thousand merchants and is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world. Enterprise Edition requires payment, which includes a large number of very useful functions. However, the Community version and developer custom version can be downloaded for free.

11. OpenCart (free)

OpenCart not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has strong scalability. You can create unlimited categories, sell unlimited items, accept multiple currencies, use multiple languages, and select from 20 payment methods and 8 Shipping methods. It is user-friendly and search engine friendly, so it can make you more prominent in Google. Customers can rate and rate the products they sell. It is not as popular as osCommerce, so it is not easy to find help and guidance, but it looks nice.

12.Receivemart (free)

VirtueMart, designed to work with Joomla! It is a smart shopping cart that can make customers feel very comfortable. Customers can not only shop, but also create accounts, add addresses, and access their order records. Supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as unlimited products and categories. So far, 2.5 million people have downloaded receivemart, and most of them have expressed satisfaction.

13.Spree Commerce (free)

Spree is an open-source e-commerce platform developed by Ruby on Rails. With the Spree extension system, you can customize your stores and stand out from competitors. Many useful features, including support for more than 50 payment interfaces, separate page checkout and Custom Tax logic, can save the customer's time and labor. It also has built-in Google Analytics analysis.

14.Afcommerce (free)

If you want to make your e-commerce platform very simple, Afcommerce may be your choice. It does not look very good, whether it is for customers or users, but it can be quickly used, it is very ideal for new users. It has a quick separate Checkout page, a pop-up window for customer help, and the customer account can be automatically generated through the order.

15.SimpleCart js (free)

SimpleCart (js) 2.0 not only supports Paypal payment, but also supports Google Checkout. You can add, remove, and remove buttons to the shopping cart. You can also rearrange projects, change HTML tags, and present everything to your shopping cart. There is no need for databases, no need to argue, and no headache. A simple javascript shopping cart of less than 20 KB can be installed in just a few minutes. This is lightweight, fast, easy to use, and fully customizable. All you need to know is the basic HTML.

Louis Han commented: I am not familiar with e-commerce platforms, but I think these are still very useful for those who want to do foreign electronic transactions, I know that there are many e-commerce platforms in China that are suitable for national conditions.

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