SEO Data Analysis Skills Three: The quality analysis of the website outside the chain

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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. For SEO data analysis skills, before we talked about the keyword ranking analysis, content quality analysis two parts, in the SEO process of the site's external chain construction is very important, I believe that a lot of SEO webmaster friends are very seriously, but also in the efforts to do their own site outside the chain, But to do a good job of SEO outside the chain besides know how to do the chain construction, but also to their own chain for quality, and real-time feedback to adjust their own SEO strategy, so that the site in the external links to get more weight support.

Outside the chain construction of our daily more attention may be the number and resources, a little more in-depth consideration, we will pay attention to the weight of the chain and included, there are some friends in the chain of attention to the wide, relevance and diversity of the chain, these are outside the chain of construction needs attention, here I will add to everyone the health of the chain of this aspect, Through these aspects of the site outside the chain quality analysis, hope to be able to help us better develop SEO outside the chain strategy.

1, the number of external chain analysis

Many people may be surprised, the number of the chain there is no good analysis, in addition to the number of chain is not what can be analyzed, if you to the site outside the chain is just so understand that for SEO understand too shallow. The number of outside chain includes many aspects, the most intuitive contrast is compared with competitors, see surface numbers, competitors of the chain than we have more, then we have to think of ways to surpass him, first of all, can analyze the growth of his site outside the chain of law, This everyone needs to observe a period of time or rough use webmaster Tools on the history of the chain of inquiries make a reference, and then make the corresponding catch-up plan. Of course, this must all be considered, however, another aspect may not be considered, such as the number of URLs linked to different URLs, and analysis of what we do different URLs, and how many sites to send, these can do our chain quantitative analysis of a subdivision point, we can also divergent thinking, I will not talk about the specific.

2, the weight of the outside chain and included

If you want to link the site effectively, then you need more than just on the page display effective (at present, some sites will jump processing of external URLs or write a ban on the weight of the export rules), also need this outside the chain page is included, and we can as much as possible in the right to heavy outside the chain resources website to publish links, these links will soon be included , and attract spiders to crawl web information, enhance the weight of the site. So in the selection of the chain of resources when we need to collect analysis of the weight of these sites, analysis of the weight of the module outside the chain, analysis of the proportion of the chain included. What is worth talking about is the proportion of the outside chain and a regular summary of the individual feel very necessary, some sites outside the chain is not up, a day included, such a must be high-quality outside the chain, and some need to be included in a few days, and even a considerable part will not be included, then how to find this part of the resources not included, Then remove, to find a better source of the chain is worth our analysis, increase the proportion of the chain included, reduce the workload, increase the efficiency of the work.

3. The wide degree and relevance of the chain

This is a contradictory topic, because to do a good job of relevance, we have to do a single-minded industry, for example, we are the traditional machinery industry, we will be targeted to select the Machinery Industry forum or website, or their own set up third-party platforms, such as Third-party blogs, business-to-business information platform, but if you want to achieve relevance, Such a single-minded industry has become too narrow, outside the chain to the site of the vote is not enough, how to better solve this contradictory problem? can only be balanced and choice, for example, I choose the first condition of the chain of resources is the weight and included, the next requirement to do a wide range, and then do a good correlation, this is my tradeoff rules, And some friends also have their own weighing rules, such as the first to do a wide range, and then do the weight, back to do relevance, as to how all of your own choice.

4. The diversity of the outer chain

Originally the diversity of the chain should be put at the beginning of the time with you, because only know the links of various forms, we can better formulate the chain strategy, but I think many friends may not have such a distinction between the concept, I think should be put at the end of the proposed to everyone.

First of all you have to have such a SEO concept: seo should start from a single page, and then pooled into the entire site of the SEO, that is, to do a good job on each page of the SEO, and then the overall SEO, through each page to bring the flow, pooled into the entire site traffic. Understanding this concept, we can rub into the strategy of the outside chain.

Outside the chain of attributes have link form, link platform, as well as link purposes, the form of links can usually be divided into: anchor text, hyperlinks, text links, according to the link to different Web site can also be divided into, home links, column page links and content links. Platform can be divided into five main platforms: blogs, forums, questions and answers, classified information and SNS community. The purpose of the link is mainly two types: the flow of traffic and the strong purpose of SEO links. According to these expansion, our chain of diversity, I believe that everyone in the analysis of the reverse to think, you can very good analysis of their own shortcomings.

The analysis of the Web site chain has a lot of breakdown analysis, such as for the stability of the chain of control, but also a very important aspect, we can in-depth research, today to talk about here, want to communicate with my friends outside the chain analysis skills can add my qq:578785411

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