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The importance of the chain for the site as a webmaster believe that no few are not aware of, said the chain is ranked the first element, accounted for 60%, since this, then how can the minimum chain to achieve the desired goal, as soon as possible to improve the site rankings? A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic Team ( will be able to solve the puzzle for everyone, just need you are customers, the current A5 SEO all-round diagnosis is for customers, this is believed that we can understand, after all, SEO diagnostics is a service industry, therefore, Only after I have done the diagnosis of the A5 of the personal feelings and everyone to say it.

My site is made of cosmetics, the competition is very big, the so-called SEO everyone has been stressed outside the chain and content, because they are engaged in cosmetics site, not too much content can upload, daily biography is just some cosmetics related products pictures and introduction, feel such a renewal frequency is not able to surpass competitors, Even they want to have a ranking is very difficult, so, they can only through the chain of construction to achieve the goal of ranking.

At first, one day 10 different sites outside the chain, can be done for two months after the discovery results very little, basically do not see the effect, so, increase to 20 every day, then 30, every day so repeated for the site to add a different chain, light looking for the site to find the head is big, can finally see the effect is very unsatisfactory, The rankings, though somewhat progressive, are very slow, but only from page tenth to the last few pages of page Nineth, this for their own half a year to pay, is not the equal sign, the site did not work, the ranking has been steady, the daily flow and consultation amount of poor, not to mention how many customers, but they are relying on this meal , under helpless, found the A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic team, finally let me resolve is to see them say can let the site with the least outside the chain to quickly improve the site rankings.

As for why such a simple sentence can attract me, finally let me become his client, reason to believe you understand. Of course, when you pay someone to help improve the ranking of the site, of course, also want to learn how to do, through what kind of method to achieve this effect, this is what I want to talk to you today, because everyone's site is not the same, so, even if I really say A5 to the "website optimization proposal", may not be suitable for you, after all, this is only for my site, is the A5 optimization team to my site to make a comprehensive test to give advice, my site's strengths and weaknesses are listed, but also gave the corresponding practice, how to use their advantages, and how to solve the problem of the site.

The most important point is how to retain the user, since the user came to our website, we should use our characteristics of the site to attract him, to retain him, and even let him help us to publicize, to promote, so that more people know the existence of our site, to know the importance of Word-of-mouth, the user said, that is really good, than you in the day shouting yourself good, every person said that their site on the product good effect is much better, this is why more and more webmaster so pay attention to user experience, put the user experience in the first place, to understand their preferences, the user's browsing time and length of the rankings are influential, after all, there is a User behavior habits can also affect the site rankings.

In the A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic team to the "website optimization proposal" mentioned the important point is also the user experience of the problem, this is also the webmaster are talking about the topic, if we can not let users like our site, users come in to see to escape, that such a site is certainly not developed, Want to have a good ranking that can be more difficult than heaven, after all, search engines are also very pay attention to user experience, users do not like the site, the search engine and how long to put it on top? Does this not also affect its user experience? This article is submitted by Guizhou Tourism Network

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