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Yesterday (June 13) afternoon, QQ friends sent a Web site, let's help to see why this site rankings. Friends said, they are in the industry QQ group, every day people stare at the industry's top keyword rankings, the site one months ago, Baidu keyword List of the top 200 still can't find, but recently several industry hot keyword but also realized the "rocket launch type" across the Ascension.


A website industry hot keyword "rocket launch" type Ascension

My friend urged several times, but I was busy, so I had to say I was busy at the end of the day. But after a look scared, this hot keyword is really hot ah, Baidu index recently dropped, but also 25028, this site ranked 3rd. A check, the site domain name is not the mainstream suffix, domain name is less than two years, the site Baidu included only hundreds of, Google included less than 2000; Alexa included only 8 outside the chain, Baidu domain query total only more than 400, most other than those Web site data query page, even the forum garbage outside the chain are not many. But the keyword ranking is very good, in addition to the above hot hair hot hot key words, a number of Baidu index is not low industry hot keyword rankings are not low.

Are other ways to promote doing well? A check, Baidu News and Google News at all there is no news about the site. Compared with other sites in the same industry, the site's core services do not have any characteristics, content is copied collection. The homepage of the website also has no hidden keyword and so on cheating behavior.

Friends have been asking me, what is the reason for this site to do "rocket launch" across the Ascension, I only honestly do not know. But I told him to wait and see how long it would last.

In the evening, a QQ, the friend chased again to ask what is going on, I told him that this site has no research, because can be concluded that cheating, I have no ability to analyze a Kaniko come, and I do not intend to cheat, then there is no need to spend too much time on it. Just wait and see how long it will last.

Then I remind this friend, do SEO and website operation really must pay attention to competitors, grasp the development of the entire industry, but more should be based on me, because others do not mean I can. Can not listen to the wind is rain, finally messed up their own square inch--"six uncertain, lose a clean." I say, everybody wants to be strong and big, but with the heart, your website development speed is fast enough--from last July I know that I knew you from Baidu, then your site is only dozens of IP, now a number of major projects, but also live well, the benefits are very good, can be satisfied.

I went on to tell him that you wanted to work out a path, and then imitate the shortcut and develop faster yourself. But in a sense, you this site now to your meaning than you old man (father) are still more important, knowing that cheating is still to be studied, but also imitate, holding "Baidu since this treat him, also certainly treat me" the lucky mentality, is too risky? Can you really afford to take such a risk?


Conversations I had with friends about cheating websites

I advised this friend, focus on their own website, take it hard, step, go solid--in fact his site is not where all do perfect, such as his site outside the chain is too little, even Baidu domain query total not my online less than a year of blog more, These should be seriously strengthened places do not seriously strengthen, one day to move Crooked brain, just want to take a shortcut.

I did not say that, I know too many people pay special attention to this superficial "unfair", not want to imitate, easy to win, is can complain, can dodge the responsibility of failure-"Days of Death I also, not war too", even Baidu search engineer Lee admits "there is really SEO (skills) A say, (these so-called SEO skills) And it does have the ' effect ', who am I to teach one day?

Behold, today (June 14) A check in the morning, this "very cattle" site each keyword ranking has been Mingluosunshan, so that people ironic, can only lament the impermanence of the world Ah. Perhaps this site keyword rankings will come back, but I think, this and my friend site is not too much relationship ah, it is important to do their own thing. The pace of their own development has not slowed down, but still with others than, still too slow, desperately seeking fast, "leap-forward development"-a lot of "Chinese-style problems" are such blind fast and efficient trouble, impetuous utilitarian, the length of the struggle, and finally lost their own goals.

Internet industry is no exception, the recent reflection of Alibaba, enterprise development too fast, no experience, staff growth too much, the problem is too much, to stop to adjust, pay close attention to the construction of corporate culture. Let alone a lot of small and medium websites, just fast, and constantly imitate what others call "successful experience", do not start from the foundation, arrogant to want to soaring, but the vast majority of stationmaster, seoer but degenerated into "network migrant workers", so "from failure to failure, as from home" lesson we should seriously reflect. In fact, we are in pursuit of "fast and good", the key "good" is our final, and "fast" is not equal to "good". That "saw him up Zhu Lou, saw his banquet guests, saw his building collapsed" rapid success, we see still less?

Baidu search engineer Lee admits that "there is indeed a SEO (skills)," (These so-called SEO techniques) do have this (Fast upgrade ranking) ' effect ', then said:

"But want to do evergreen tree webmaster should always remember such a problem: SEO is a means, not an end, the goal is to retain users, and achieve their own business." If you want to do long-term business, and short-term means to the target has violated, then even if the short-term gains, should not use.

In the current SEO, how to get traffic from the search engine, discussed a lot of how to borrow the power of search engines, better to promote their own business, but rarely discussed. It's an unhealthy state. " "How to borrow the power of search engines to better promote their own business", two years ago Lee's question worthy of our deep thinking, and strive to practice.

Because for the vast majority of stationmaster, when "fast and good" pursuit of unrealistic, we should focus on "How to SEO is the best, most lasting effect." Western Proverb said: "Laugh to the Last Laugh best" (This article by "SEO Yunnan" original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please use the link form to indicate the article starting source

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