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For Web site SEO, to its refinement, then first have to start from the domain name, although the domain name is small, but perhaps only one character will bring different results to the site optimization. So how to choose an SEO domain name?

First, the length of the domain name

The length of the domain name is often a measure of its value an important factor, can the length of the domain name on the SEO has a direct impact? The answer is No. The length of the domain name does not interfere with the search engine index results, but for users, the shorter the domain name is easy to be remembered, its user experience is higher. However, what is the purpose of our SEO? is the user experience. Then the importance of it can be imagined. Imagine why Jingdong is willing to spend millions of dollars to win the short domain name? Its intention is self-evident.

Second, the domain name age

For search engines, the length of the existence of a domain name is a measure of the quality of a site factor. Because the longer the domain name exists, the easier it is to gain the trust of the search engine. And with the growth of time, the domain name of the outside chain, PR and weight value will also be promoted. Then if the old domain name applied to the new station, the site will be the chain, the weight of the value of inheritance, then for the site's SEO natural self-evident.

Third, the phonetic domain name

For the search engine index results, the domain name contains keywords of the site ranking more advantages. Especially in recent years, Baidu's fiery, phonetic domain name is favored. Sina spend huge sums of money to buy the micro-Bo double spell domain name is generally visible. Whether it is SEO or user experience, have a great benefit.


Four, the domain name skillfully "borrow"

The above also said that the domain name may be only one character difference, its optimization result is very different. Today I happen to be in A5 article to see such a SEO circle joke: Give me 100,000 outside the chain, I can make a god station. The joke tells us the importance of the outer chain in the side. Then, if the domain name is "borrowed" skillfully, perhaps the moment will be able to gain a huge innate outside the chain advantage. How to answer it? That's the difference between that one character.


From the Daomain we can find out where this is, then it is above that point. At the same time such a domain name is not only inherent advantages of the chain, its domain name is also very easy to remember. All this is due to the artful "borrow".

Finally, Web site SEO involves a large, the author is only the domain name decomposition, I hope to give you a thinking primer. At the same time for Web site SEO We should more to refine, starting from small, then can create a both to meet the search engine and have a user experience of the site. This article by Shidu Travel arranges, reprint please indicate the source, thanks!

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