SEO General outside the chain construction of what commonly used Web site SEO outside the chain construction method

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Your own website:

The new website constructs the external link to be more difficult, does not have the weight. At this time can be in their own old site to do a few links, after a few months, have a certain collection and weight, and then to Exchange links, some Web sites to build a new site is very useful.


The blog here refers to the independent blog, the construction of the chain, relative to the commercial site, individual independent blog to link is relatively easy.

Article published:

Many websites accept submissions, such as media platforms, third party blogs, and so on. can go to register an account to publish articles, collect more such websites, accumulate resources.

Forum Blog Message:

In the forum message contains outside the chain is more common, many forum body can also add links.

Blog comments are basically added NF attributes, but blog messages can cause bloggers and other people's attention, the formation of interaction, Lou Blog was originally by the message started.

Our Partners:

All companies have a wide range of partners, suppliers, customers, investors, raw materials suppliers, business partners can be external sources of links. Each partner is a source of external links that can be requested and obtained, and links from partners are often of high quality. When we talk about cooperation, a simple sentence may bring a high quality link.

NET Bookmark:

NET Bookmark (there are many online bookmarking services, such as: QQ bookmarks, Baidu Search, Google bookmarks, etc.). Webmaster can register these online service, the website has the new content, first saves to own bookmark account. )

Wikipedia and questions and Answers class website:

Wikipedia know that the Tianya and other types of Web sites are usually very high weight, if your site has a high relevance of the terms of the resource content, you can add in the expanded Reading section.

Guest and Team blogs:

For example, Lou Blog, Moonlight Blog and so on are accepted for submission, and will leave a link, each industry will have several authoritative blog.

Check the competitor Web site:

Look at the external chain of competitors, usually find a good source, you can have the competitor's external chain also get.

Online advertising:

As long as there is no use of JS script or through the program to turn, ordinary HTML links made of ads is a normal external link.

Purchase Link:

If a Web advertisement appears as a text link, it becomes a purchase link. Mainly to click traffic for the purpose, but also to bring external links, as far as possible not in the obvious link trading platform or forum to find sellers.

Social media sites:

Watercress, know, Sina and other sites on the Web site is very common, a lot of listeners posted URLs, often bring a large number of clicks to visit.

Affiliate Program:

Webmaster are familiar with the Web site Alliance

CMS system Template:

will make the template of the webmaster can put some templates for the other webmaster free use, the only condition is, in the mold version of the copyright notice to leave the designer's link.

Press release:

The release of news articles can be brought to the site link, some sites need to pay, news sites are usually relatively high weight, so is a better external face. Even if it is paid, it is only a one-time payment, permanently retain the link, you can go to loose text to find channels.

Media PR:

Has the public relations strength and the Channel Enterprise website, in carries on the public relations activity not to forget, besides the exposure, the PR may also become the external link construction powerful method, may mention the company website in the release news.

Request Link:

If the site really has very valuable content, direct request link is also a feasible way.

Purchase website:

Ranked better than the site is generally not sold, you can find ranked in the first 10 or 20 pages of the site, have a good weight and relevance.

Station Group:

A bit similar to the purchase site is through the station group building external links, the use of Spider Master can quickly set up a station group, but also for their own site to attract a large number of spiders visit.

Sponsorship Activities:

Sponsorship is also a way to set up a single external link, usually on the official website of the event, where the sponsor is listed and given a link.

E-Book Publishing:

E-Book can be placed on the author's website links, in addition to their own website download, but also can submit their own to the major software downloads site

Information Publishing site:

There are websites that allow users to post information, such as business-to-business, classified ads, and so on, some of which allow users to include links in their release information.

Although the introduction of 22 kinds of outside the chain construction method, but all use is not too realistic, to choose their own way to continue to do, and constantly accumulate experience, resources, as long as it is willing to do in fact very easy, the simple way to achieve the ultimate, a delicate, enough moving. Of course, I also collected a lot of resources, can enjoy to everyone, more than 190 sites all weights more than 2, to promote the necessary!

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