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The exposure of Li's hyperlink technology patent, no doubt let seoer more biased to do the site's outside the chain, but, outside the chain of resources flooded the world, many outside the chain gradually evolved into a single, contains very unstable outside the chain, so every time the search engine updates, will cause the site keyword ranking of different degrees of floating, therefore, How to make stable stability, so that the ranking of the site to maintain a relatively stable, is the pursuit of Seoer, the author according to their own experience in the chain, to talk about some of the external chain to maintain a relatively stable method.

I. The relative stability of the external chain of the forum signature

The external chain of the forum signature is extremely unstable, because the forum post quality is not high, and the number of posts is very large, so the search engine updates, will continue to include a new page, while releasing some poor quality page, if the page is released just seoer do the outside chain of the site, will undoubtedly lead to the reduction of the chain of the site outside, Thus affecting the site in the search engine rankings, for the use of the forum signature outside the chain experience, the author's experience is as follows:

1, daily quantitative posting or replies, for example, 20 a day, so that even if the search engine in the update released some of the old pages, but also included in the new page will offset the release of the old page lost links, so as to ensure the forum signed the chain of steady improvement, and thus ensure the stability of the site rankings.

2, looking for the readability of the article posted or replies, the article is highly readable, will not be subject to the search engine updates when the page release, so as to ensure the stability of the chain, to look for more responses or click-rate of posts, these articles due to the interaction is very strong, will cause the search engine In order to ensure the stability of the chain, and thus ensure the stability of the rankings.

Second, the stability of the outer chain of soft paper

As a webmaster brand site, in A5, Chinaz, Donews, and other sites to contribute to optimize the site link, is to ensure the optimization of the site outside the chain of stability, because many sites are collecting these well-known sites, so, will also cause optimization of the site outside the chain of growth, In order to ensure the stability of the chain at the same time the addition of a lot of new outside the chain, and thus ensure the optimization of the site rankings faster rise.

Third, the classification information platform outside the chain release

Because after the case of the left-carnitine, search engine on the classification of information platform to improve the weight, many seoer have entered the classification information platform, but, in the release of the chain at the same time found that the weight of classified information outside the chain is sometimes more than the optimization of the site, because the search engine home location is limited, more than one location information Seoer optimize the site will be a corresponding missing a position, this will undoubtedly cause difficulties to our optimization, therefore, in the classification of information sites posted outside the chain, the first to understand what the weight of the site is lower than the weight of their own site, and these sites can be the search engine in time to be included is particularly important.

Maintain the stability of the outer chain, in order to ensure the stability of the rankings, high-quality outside the chain not only to maintain the stability of the site rankings, but also in the site by the server instability, Doc attacks, Web site changes and other external factors to ensure that the keyword ranking is not subject to large fluctuations, therefore, the overall grasp of the progress and stability It is the website optimization skill that seoer must master. This article by the studio _ Art training Webmaster original, A5 starting, reproduced please famous source, the author qq:359105453, Welcome to Seoer Exchange website with you experience.

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