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 External links is a Web site for resources to cooperate in a form, is also a common method of Web site promotion, the number of external links to the site indicates a website partner or related network resources information, The number of links by other sites is directly related to the site's access volume and the site in the search engine rankings, the opportunity to be linked to other sites is equivalent to a website to promote the opportunity, so the number of links to the site is usually used as an evaluation of a Web site marketing effect of one of the indicators. The survey shows that this strategy has not been widely used by large enterprises, but on the other hand, because of the brand effect of large enterprises, there are a large number of Web sites linked to these large enterprise sites, thus more than the general site has more resources to promote the advantages of the site.

Investigation and analysis on the situation of external links of enterprise websites

"Large Enterprise Network Marketing status Report" survey results show that the number of large corporate Web sites are often linked to more, but there are targeted links to other sites is not a lot, only accounted for 27.4%, this aspect shows that large enterprises have a certain network marketing resources, but on the other hand also shows that Enterprise Web site in the network marketing resources accumulation does not pay enough attention, even do not understand the true meaning of external links, some just do some random web site links fill the content of the site, rather than to promote the needs of the site. Some sites linked to other sites and the company's Web site does not link to each other, just as the site of unilateral information expansion, in fact, and external links to promote there is no direct relationship.

According to the findings of the China internet Information Center, 48.5% of corporate websites do not have any external links, and more than half of the corporate sites have at least one external link. This survey results are quite different from the large enterprise Web site, which shows that larger enterprises tend to not link to any website, that is, not to provide links and promotion opportunities for other websites, showing relatively conservative side.

The investigation and analysis of the link status of the enterprise website by other websites

The survey results show that the surveyed large Enterprises website page browsing number and the number of links are more, 117 of the surveyed large enterprise sites on average by the number of links to 163.2, the highest corporate website (Haier Group) by the number of links up to 1758.

In accordance with the average number of sites in different industries are linked to compare, and with the survey of corporate web site average traffic indicators are compared to find that the site is linked to a number of industries, the traffic is also relatively high. "Large Enterprise network Marketing status Research Report" on the 11 industry Consumer Enterprise Web site survey results show that the number of links to the most of the three industries are: Aviation Services (571.1), home appliances Industry (394.2), the automotive Industry (207.1). This is closely related to the three sectors with the largest number of visits. The largest number of visits to the three industries are: Aviation Services (Alexa site visits ranked average of 88575), the automotive industry (Alexa site visits ranked average of 168170), home appliances industry (Alexa site visits ranked average of 287160).

These figures show that the advantages of large enterprises in the promotion of the website is still more obvious, but many enterprises do not make full use of this promotional resources, so many large enterprise Web site traffic is still very low, which also shows that large enterprises still need a variety of forms of web site promotion.

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