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Today to talk about the domain name of that matter, can let SEO novice comprehensive understanding of a good domain name for the role of SEO, do seo friends should be very clear, domain name is decided to rank one of the factors, and domain name is to give users the first feeling and is intuitive feeling, A good domain name can let the user remember to also can add a fine pen to the website. In addition the domain name is the Internet company as well as individual stationmaster most important intangible assets, all website content, the traffic is related with the specific domain name. A good domain name for SEO and website operations have a certain impact.

First, domain name suffix

First of all, the 1th need to talk about the suffix of the domain name, SEO industry has been popular such a view. edu and. gov and so on can not be casually registered domain name is born with a higher weight. edu is only available to educational institutions such as American universities. GOV only government departments can register. Actually this question I have talked about in front of the posting, they do not have a congenital advantage, but these domain names of the site has a relatively high quality advantage, because such sites do not exist garbage or poor quality of the article and so on, and reputation and all aspects of the evaluation are relatively tall, therefore, Such sites should prevail at a later level of integration. Anyway, in the SEO industry they are recognized as the best outside the chain of resources, do SEO optimization is nothing more than two points, the 1th internal station optimization, 2nd station outside the chain construction. This platform is undoubtedly the most popular seoer, in fact, has not thought about the relevance of this issue.

Second, the domain name age

is the so-called ginger or the old spicy, domain registration earlier, the more favorable ranking, this is to be sure. Because of this purchase of old domain name is SEO industry common practice. It is not only conducive to ranking, and can quickly increase the weight has PR value, if you have a Yichi years of domain name, then you will be rich.

Third, the first time the domain name was included

In addition to the domain name registration time, the domain name on the content of the first search engine time is also very important. Some old domain name after purchase put there is no resolution, then the search engine did not include any content, so that the words will not be included in the domain name, as long as the domain name is included in the search engine records, then the new search engine will be the old domain name to treat it, and give more weight.

Iv. renewal time of domain name

This view seems simple, in fact, the reason is that the search engine to determine whether you are doing this site, general Black Hat SEO usually registered domain name only a year, because they know that black hat behavior is often killed, so the renewal too long for their own benefit, for the search engine, If the registration time is short will be queried by search engines, not only for the site observation time is long, more can affect the search engine attention, also will not give too much praise.

Five, the domain name contains the key words

This I think we all very clear, the URL contains keywords to the ranking is very advantageous, need to hint that the URL contains keywords mainly applicable to English stations, because the URL is not easy to appear in Chinese search engine retrieval (tags tags excepted).

Use of the domain name conjunction character

Previously popular use of conjunctions, or even multiple conjunctions. Previously said that the domain name contains keywords for SEO optimization has advantages, and some domain name has long been registered, then some of the SEO to register the key words to separate the domain name. For example, was registered early, then he will register Although the problem is not small, but there are two points can not be taken, first, the user's impression of the conjunctions are not good, people arouse suspicion, any big company regular companies rarely choose a conjunction sign registered domain name. Second, although the problem is not big, but will cause search engine suspicion, because search engines are sensitive to such domain names.

Seven, domain name length

The domain name contains the target keyword, often will cause the domain name to be too long. In many cases, long domain name brings SEO advantages far from the disadvantages of many. Long domain user experience poor, decentralized weight, in addition to many platforms outside the chain are limited personality signature length. Keyword domain name and brand comparison, is always the brand priority, user ease of use is preferred. Short domain names easy to remember, easy to write, easy to spread, the benefits will often exceed the domain name contains the advantages of keywords. Of course, if both the keyword and short, that is the best.

Viii. History of Domain name purchase

Did the domain name register ever change hands? Does the domain owner have a connection with the spam site? This has a certain impact on the domain name weight. So in buying second-hand domain name, should pay attention to see how many times the domain name has changed hands, who is the owner, search engine database are recorded in the content of what is not related to sensitive content. What pornography, gambling, slimming drugs, drugs and so on. Attention must be paid to the rampant cheating in these areas.

Nine, Brand first

Here to mention a bit is the brand priority is to use the brand as a domain name, like "Baidu" he did not use the "search engine" this keyword as a domain name, but with the "Baidu", for example, "Tianya" he did not use "community" or "forum" as a site domain name, but with the brand name as a domain, so that people easy to remember, and easy to spread, for the network to promote a lot of help, so we will see many companies will use the company name as a site domain name to enhance the brand effect.

X. Anonymous Registration

In order to evade the search engine to check the domain name registrant information, the hands of history, some people use anonymous registration information. This does not have the slightest benefit, not only will cause the search engine and cannot record, cannot record can only use Hong Kong or overseas space, the server instability factor I not to say more.

Here, for SEO novice to choose a good domain name is abundant often important. This article by focus on women breast enhancement of the topic of the network feeds, if you need to reprint, please specify, thank you very much!

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