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SEO optimization is now the main two schools, one is in accordance with Baidu Optimization Guide to the step-by-step SEO optimization, the other is to use a variety of cheating methods to optimize, this article focuses on the Orthodox SEO optimization skills! However, there are two important approaches to the Orthodox SEO optimization technique. One is in strict accordance with the Guide to optimization, keywords optimization, content optimization, outside the chain optimization, and ultimately upgrade their site rankings, the second is to analyze competitors, the appropriate keyword optimization, content optimization and outside the chain optimization, which is a secondary optimization method is targeted, so the efficiency is higher than the first kind, But the second way to optimize the main point is how to investigate and analyze competitors, the following author tells you can from six aspects to analyze the competitor!

One: Start with the search engine

Since we want to do SEO optimization, the main purpose is in the same type of site ranking in the front of the competitor, so first look at the ranking of competitors, is in the front or the type of site has been some Baidu bid to promote occupy the top several, Look at the competitor's website is not already the industry is very famous site, is not a lot of news portal has been reported on the corresponding site! and to find solutions and beyond!

Second: Analysis of the main indicators of competitors

SEO Optimization in general website, very concerned about a few indicators, that is, the PR value, snapshot update, domain name, included quantity, the number and quality of the chain, as well as the amount of classified catalogue, and so on, if the higher the value of these indicators, then competitiveness will be higher, at this time you will begin to analyze the main indicators And then depending on the advantages of your site to decide whether to continue to operate, if you feel confident, and some places also beyond your competitors, then you can take a chance! Find your own weak place to carry out comprehensive rectification, thus defeating your competitor!

Third: direct access to competitors

In addition to these effects on the site SEO optimization of the indicators, also have to look at the site's user experience, because SEO optimization is just a means, and the user experience is the fundamental, only a good user experience can make lasting vitality, if only for these indicators to optimize SEO, it can only be a temporary!

Four: Look at the traffic situation of the competitor website

To know that the estimated flow is very important to the analysis of the action, because we can see from the flow of the competitor's profitability, and then to determine that they can not exceed each other, if the opponent's traffic has been a lot, and they have just started operations, at this time to consider the appropriate replacement keyword, After all, and a very successful site to compete, it is difficult to imagine!

Five: Learn from other channels about the reputation of competitors

Typically, for vertical industry sites, each industry-class site will have a popular forum for the industry, and the forum inside the people always more or less discussion of other sites in the industry, you can see from these discussions of others to your competitors evaluation, so from the user's point of view to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the site, So that the optimization of their own website to bring the most direct help!

These five ways of analyzing competitors are very important to defeating competitors, of course, remember to analyze competitors at the same time to analyze their own, but also to analyze the current trend of the vertical industry, if the trend has shrunk, or even eliminated, then you even defeated your competitors, then the money effect is very poor! So site optimization not only to master the skills, but also to master the strategy! Source: L-carnitine side effects original A5 site:, reprint please keep.

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