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Everyone good, for a website, the proportion of foreign company is very big, whether it is any one to do SEO will mention the external links about the site, because for a site to optimize the site link is also a long-term project, we say if the SEO is divided into priorities, then I believe that we must be very clear. The construction of external links is to be heavy and can not be rushed, then for a site optimization of the external links in the link also accounted for a large proportion of friends, has recently been paying attention to the friend around, found that many friends on the links above have a lot of ideas and consider points, So today I am here mainly to hope to help more friends to solve your heart of those thoughts.

For links, we often encounter this kind of situation and things, often asked me, door teacher, you said the other side of the site PR higher than me, but he seems to have a bit down the right, I do not change this link? The other side of the site than my weight is low, but he is my friend, This kind of change the link to my site will have a great impact? In fact, these problems, of course, I believe many friends have more or less encountered, but we encounter things and solve problems in the way and attitude is not the same, then the result is not the same, like I often say a word, If you go in the wrong direction, the end result will never have a result you want, it will only waste your time and money. So what is the right direction, is also a matter of great concern.

  1. Upgrade Site Rankings

Through links, increase the weight of the site to enhance the ranking of the site, which I believe needless to say too much, we are more clear.

  2. Make the website brand

This, perhaps we understand relatively less, generally what way to make a website brand? In fact, like this kind of site more used in the site's text links and picture links above, the temptation of the image link directly to the user's experience and the user's choice of clicks to affect, This can also be said that in the case of a website user experience to do things outside, then can through a small change to improve the site's conquest, this is also very important, but few people care about those things. That is, we want to optimize the keyword.

For example, our team is optimization, then we if we optimize the keyword is Beijing website optimization or optimization company, then the SEO Forum Representative 1.

Optimization company Representative 2.

It's important to build your own brand.

  3. Enhance the value of the website

Enhance the value of the site, for a site so friendship link Exchange is certainly helpful to the site, many people will think that my site down the right, I do not exchange links with him, in fact, for a site is not just the value of optimization. We can really jump out of SEO then our SEM can be counted as success, otherwise the past efforts to the end are waste. The point here is simply to mention, for later on UEO external resources will refer to the real value of a website, related points.

  4. Show website Authority

This may not have been noticed by friends today. Especially for the enterprise site, or personal site, may be a lot of personal site is a bit difficult, so in fact, for many corporate sites as long as you can grasp this so you succeed and user experience user conversion rate above is also a good occasion direction, for example, you are doing enterprise site, For today's Internet you must face too much competition from peers, then for the enterprise scale, enterprise technology, Enterprise Services, enterprise products, as well as product prices above, then are very strong competition, at this time we can through some occasion way to enhance the authority of the site, like what you are what product. And then in your below friendship and cooperation links inside a few external links are well-known enterprises, or the authority is very high enterprise, then your site is also the same promotion of the value between, to a lot of users feel is, large enterprises cooperate manufacturers, must be trustworthy.

Links to the attention points

Perhaps we have paid attention to this problem, so here are mainly to tell us about the location of the problem is mainly two aspects.

1. User Experience

The location of a Web site affects the user's attention and user experience, I remember a lot of times before a position can affect the user's attention to your site, of course, this point in addition to traffic is very difficult to reflect, a large site so every day can help you bring hundreds of of traffic, The most obvious is a site to navigate the Web site, before a friend did experiment, then I and he did a site, and then I use the method is SEO, of course, he constantly the Web site navigation, but to say that his ability is really good, can through their own negotiations, Like many of the domestic web site navigation must say 114la,2345 and so on these sites can help him to do a link, but also do for the focus of recommendation, of course, to the back of his daily through the more than 10 Web site navigation to close to 10,000 of the traffic, of course, I in a period of time the site can also be But we all know to do SEO stability relative to a bit worse, so compared with him can not compare, he told me, in fact, do not underestimate a link, the impact on the user experience is very large, what kind of position, what kind of color on the user has a stimulating effect, under a variety of colors, How to write keywords is very important.

2. Search Engine Optimization

For the targeted site optimization so in the link position above focus on the position above, then the position above, have done experiments before, put the link in the back often and put in front of the link has a little nuance of the difference.

3. Link Anchor text

The anchor text of a website Friendship link, this may everyone should be more clear, mainly pay attention to a few points, then is the keyword writing, in the key words to pay attention to no matter what you do, of course, we for a site is certainly a core point, is to promote the product, promote the brand, promote the keyword, These are the things you should think about, but in general, you have to consider a value ratio, you do it in the end if this keyword to do up then you can get what value, if you can not consider these problems, then you do site optimization is waste, the result is to spend the strength, what results are not.

4. Number of other sites

For this problem, many friends should have attention, many places and you exchange links, each other's site links have hundreds of, and your only dozens of, then in the end you must suffer. Unless it is like Tencent, Sina such a website, otherwise the result is not, generally for the control of friendship links as far as possible to control the best. Because the number on behalf of the other site right focus on the distribution of your site, so too little, the other site links if less, then you certainly have a lot of help, of course, to see the weight of the site to determine. Of course, everyone wants the other side of the external links of course less the best.

5. Dependencies of the other site

Relevance no matter how you do it, so it is very important, if your site is to do tile products, then in the friendship link in what QQ space, or legends and other links, this situation as far as possible to avoid, because even if Baidu does not k your site, you also can not get a good ranking.

6. Text link over picture link

For SEO, in the exchange of links, the text link is definitely more than the picture link, that is, we often say the link anchor text, because the search engine can only through the picture above the ALT tag to determine the picture and link the situation.

  High-quality Friendship links

Everyone is very clear that high quality links can help us to improve the ranking of the site, so exactly what kind of site to be counted on the quality of friendship links?

1. The website is included

The site's collection is mainly to see a variety of, general high-quality links you can observe, in the collection must be a lot, and more important is to see a proportion, such as a site page is probably a page, then this time you found that this site contains more than 8,000, so the ratio is 80%, This kind of site is completely explained that his website is the search engine likes. If it is a site then all the content has hundreds of millions of, but included only seven thousand or eight thousand, then certainly not counted. Because it does not fit the proportions.

2. Search Engine Update

Search engine on a website update also can reflect the weight of a site now, must say that you publish an article, after a few minutes on the collection, then this kind of site needless to say certainly the weight of high, from this kind of inside can see the search engine spider to the site's attention, is at any time attention.

3. Site Snapshots

Snapshots of the site update, of course, in line with the front highlights of the situation, I believe there must be no problem, the site snapshot update rate can also see the search engine on the weight of a site, of course, preferably with the front two points, otherwise also can not be described as a high weight of friendship links.

4. PR value High and low

PR high and low is mainly aimed at Google, in the Google PR on behalf of a site's weight, this point everyone is more clear, here will not have to say more. But one thing to be aware of is that it is not absolute, because under different circumstances we cannot be certain of what is happening.

5. External links to other sites

From the other side of the site's external links, we pay more attention to observation, the other side of the site external link quality and the weight of the site, and then can analyze the site is not really high-quality links.

6. Different grades

Different levels, where the main description is targeted different, the domain name suffix innate weight, gov government is greater than edu education more than org public organizations more than com=net=cn= other country domain name, there is a domain name registration time, as well as the time to build the station. The longer the site is done, the more the weight of the site will accumulate. Of course, you can find links to gov or edu.

So here, maybe everyone listen to have a little confused, so in the end what kind of site we can not exchange links? What kind of site and we exchange links we have no advantage, does not help us?

The first site was demoted to the right to be K. You can use the sit:+ domain name

This is something we must not change.

Then it will have a great impact on our website. The general situation is to bring down the right. Or the inclusion of the reduction and so on.

The second search engine is not included. Included relatively few.

This kind of site. There are generally several sites.

Too few resources inside the site

Unless it is something special, otherwise the weight in the search engine is relatively low.

To analyze and understand from several aspects.

The proportion of the site included.

Updates to the site snapshot.

Updates to the site content.

Time of website establishment

Third party links too much. Now many webmaster like to see the PR value. So some people like that PR higher than others station and exchange. But the site has hundreds of links. Such a site link does not mean anything. equals you can get a few 1% effects.

The other side uses the inner page and your homepage to make the link. This kind of behavior is generally not to be taken. Because the other side with a page weight. Change the weight of your whole station.

Like someone else with an inner page is PR5 site and your PR3 site to do the exchange of links. So it actually means that you have a PR5 of extra. In fact, you are at a disadvantage.

In a site inside the most weight of the page is on the homepage. Of course, there may be a Level two page. Unless the site is in use when the promotion of the two-level column is also. Like Zac's blog, then the relative weight is very high.

So there is a flexible thing on this.

If you are using something that is written by some so-called master, evaluate your site. So a lot of things are not effective.

The link with the five links is JS or iframe. At present, se to JS crawl is not very good, some simply will not crawl. This can be reflected in many sites.

The whole station uses Flash.

I don't think I need to talk too much about this kind of website.

Because now like Baidu and Google Spiders crawl technology, can not object in Flash site crawl.

Seventh the other side of the site to use the robots.txt screen spiders crawl text. Then the site from then on Baidu or Google is relatively even if you have established a link is not the weight of the points.

There is also a situation where the robots.txt page is used.

So this is a relatively despicable approach.

It's like. You link to the site. Then his friendship link is a separate text used is called or is added under the site link to a link text. Open to another page.

But this page is blocked with robots.txt text. Then there is no effect at all. In general, we find the link will be very difficult to discover.

Eighth the other side site has a sensitive vocabulary. And some political things like this site if the K will be directly implicated.

This is easy to understand.

Nineth site Snapshot. Now some websites are now in the June. But the snapshot still stays in April.

The tenth site is not updated for a long time or it is unmanned management.

The 11th Friendship link uses jumps.

For example, it seems that the link inside a site is a number of dynamic text. So enter your site when you click on it. So relatively speaking, this kind of site also has no effect.

12th PR Hijacked The problem we often encounter, that is, through the PR hijacking and then cheat links, in can be queried to link the problem of friendship.

The 13th Site Directory or Web site navigation, of course, unless it is the kind of traffic is very high otherwise is link factory this kind of link, many SEO experts have mentioned that the exchange of links on your site is not any good.

The 14th site of the situation, it is inevitable that many people to do a keyword, many times only to do a few pages, such a site is also we can not change. Now a lot of people do a TV show, only a few pages, sometimes the site short-term weight, but this kind of timeliness, who will still care about him? First A5, reprint please specify.

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