SEO optimization of the core elements: how to analyze competitors

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SEO optimization is mainly to make their own site ranking beyond their competitors, but a lot of people do not realize this core point, just blindly to do outside the chain, to update the site, but the time is not obvious effect, this is behind closed doors, if we can carefully analyze the top of the site, analysis of their website , find the clues to their SEO optimization, you will be able to find a way to defeat competitors, in fact, this analysis of competitors approach, our ancestors told us already, that is to do the enemy!

So how can we analyze our competitors? Below we will be from five aspects of a simple introduction, hope to be able to the vast number of webmaster Help!

One: Analysis keywords

Analysis of the keywords is of course the first step, which is the core of the site, so we want to analyze the competitor's website keyword weight, if the strength is very strong, then we have to return to the second, not be able to head-on confrontation, such as you want to do a portal class site, want to and Sina called to challenge, to show your strength, This naturally a bit weak hand versus, so through the analysis of the competitor's keywords can Shini, hit him a surprise! In addition, we can also see the keyword in the search engine results page location, if the home page is a level of domain name control, then we will return to the second, If most of the row in front of a number of two domain names, so long as can make money or is worth to compete! The analysis of competitor keywords from the layout, such as title,keywords and description these three aspects, there is the density of keywords and the location of the occurrence and so on!

Second: Analyze the website domain name

Although the domain name is just a website code, but for search engines, short domain name old domain name is more like, so we want to analyze the competitor's website domain name, to see their domain name registration time has been, there is the site operation for many years, the domain name is not very short for memory and so on! Of course these are hard indicators, we just have to do a record, and then find ways to go through other ways to surpass this site!

Third: Analyze the structure of the website

We know that the structure of the site for SEO optimization effect has a huge help, and some sites precisely because the structure is unreasonable, resulting in the site is not included, even if it is included, ranking has been back, and we can analyze the competitor's website structure, so that their website structure optimization, The commonly analyzed content includes the website overall structure, two level column, the content page design, the website internal structure, including the directory structure, the URL setting, the H1, the H2, the strong and so on the use of the label, the internal link structure and so on! We analyze these content not in the future to imitate, but So to analyze the shortcomings of the competitor website structure, so that their own site to improve! To achieve the structure beyond the competitors!

Four: Analyze the content of the website

The analysis of the content is nothing but originality, included how, the quality of the content, is not attractive, every day there are no fixed-point updates and so on, of course, to analyze these content has not around the site keyword to do, these are conducive to search engine optimization, if the other side of this is not done well, That naturally gives us a chance to overtake him!

Five: Analysis of the external chain of the site

In general, we can enter the domain command in Baidu to view the other side of the site's external chain situation, Yahoo can enter the link command can be found, if the other side of the relevant domain reached more than 1000, then we are more difficult to compete, if not 1000, then we can still a higher level!

As long as the above five points of analysis, basically understand the strength of competitors, if too strong, we avoid, if too weak natural we can not let go of this competitive opportunity, if the strength is good, we must seriously consider doing a good beat his plan, and then rely on their own efforts, will be able to overcome each other! Source: Http:// Breast Products List Original A5 first, reprint please keep.

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