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In the SEO industry, whether the rookie or veteran, will meet their own bottlenecks, a period of time to feel that they do not smooth seo, and compared to the previous increase is not obvious, for this, will be a little irritable and confused. How do you continue to improve your skills? What should be done to learn? The industry has not stopped the development, Baidu Google's algorithm has been adjusted, an endless stream of SEO tips and more important operational dimensions are also changing. Just like a year ago, the skills of Baidu can not be used now, you have to use the latest skills to do some "bad things." It is true that ah, SEO industry someone into and out, the rookie came in contact with the industry, the veteran to improve, we are accompanied by the growth of the search engine optimization industry and constantly improve their own, this process, if you stop learning, will lag behind. I can also rely on SEO to make a living, the most thanks is the competitor, starting from the rookie era, almost did not get the help of people, those competitors website, taught me a lot, is my most loyal friend, is my best teacher, until now also is so ...

So how should seoer improve themselves? Especially the rookie should be how to quickly learn SEO and into the actual combat? Maybe some people say go to the forum to learn! Go to the blog to read the article, or to participate in training. With all due respect, the SEO industry is now being sent articles it is worth reading the article may not be 5%, to attend training This is also the view of the beholder, I am very dislike and boycott, the basis of things to spend some time quickly can be done, the real practical things either will not give you, or you can not understand, Training is for a group, but also for the benefit of reducing costs, rather than just around you alone. In this article I recommend learning SEO answer only one: learn from competitors, and use it to your website.

In the specific areas you're involved in, you really know what these industries are supposed to do, site should be how to SEO, should be your competitors, they may have started in this industry early, their website SEO do are very perfect, whether it is the structure of the station, all kinds of label writing, content update mechanism, or external link construction , they are mature enough and have a certain degree of competitiveness. You have to learn from the competitor's website, from the site of the label began to study, spend more time, will certainly benefit a lot, he can occupy the forefront of the rankings, there must be a lot of places worth your study. This is a very strong targeted, effective and fast learning methods will make you progress flying.

So what kind of competitor is worth us to study? Also, after I study well can surpass his rank? Will my skills improve fast? Please, do SEO if you are afraid to face competition, that can not! First of all, since learned SEO to do a certain industry keyword, So long must embrace the determination and courage to win the first, small web site do not go to analysis, sometimes in front of Baidu before a flash of the site also do not care too much, those are often ranked on the first page of the independent domain name, keyword matching is very much in place is our strong competitors, in the process of defeating them, we must first learn from them The above words may be too abstract and general, I simply say a few points from the competitor can learn from.

1, competitors in the industry.

Yes, it's one too. At least I don't see any soft text at the moment, most of which are focused on technology. I remember this time last year, I want to do a project, a can bring good benefits of the project, what should be done keyword it? Can not take for granted, can not only look at the search volume, also can not only see the keyword profit. There are so many things to think about. Later I decided to put together a batch of keywords all put into Baidu, look at the top 10 competitors each page. A week's time I know about 10 industries, each industry's web site Baidu analysis of the top ten. In this process, you can understand the industry's current: 1, profit about how big; 2, the amount of search, 3, how the competition, 4, the industry should be what kind of optimization methods; 5, industry expertise; 6, others. Really too much.

2. The mystery of the competitor's title.

For beginners, this reference is very important Oh! Beginners like to accumulate too many keywords, and the relationship between the key words is not very good, which reduces the overall matching of the keyword ranked competition. See how the title of the competitor is written, then you will imitate a, from the title Word, the title of the key words prominent position, the combination of related words, whether it can match more relevant words in the industry, the more important key words of interest, and will often put in front of the title, from these aspects to elegant, The information you get is more than just a headline, even if it's important to write a good title.

3, learn the competitor's website structure

Those who are strong in the first page of the opponent's strength is beyond doubt, from the SEO point of view, they are your predecessors, in the structure of the site, each function, each site in the label settings, you can see the crystallization of SEO wisdom. These ready-made things are not only knowledge, but also the actual case, more can be your imitation object, at this time do not learn to wait when? I suggest you use webmaster tools complete check his entire site, from the Domain Name Age Trust degree, space speed, the site source code is concise, the Site directory deployment, the original degree of the article, the chain of organizations, Robot documents, whether through the verification of the field and so on to observe, spend more time, the harvest is certain.

4, learn the competitor's external chain practices.

Maybe you know how to do less than the chain, but your execution efficiency is not necessarily comparable to the opponent, opponents of the resources must also have you do not know, more importantly, in this special industry, he has done a good job of those outside the chain, more quality, because the industry he is more familiar with, because he is now ranked better than you. Well, brew a cup of tea, point to smoke, you have to slowly put him outside the chain of research through, Yahoo Webmaster Tools can see the top 1000 chain connection, although only 1000, but also enough to explain a lot of problems, and generally speaking, ranking more than the anchor chain connection weight is higher. In the Baidu related domain, also must study him carefully. In which forums do links, which blogs, which business-to-business, which platform weak text, question and answer system? The video system? The purchase of soft text? Once the research is thorough, integrating resources, repeating his trajectory, plus your own resources and the original execution plan, the results will certainly inspire you. Remember, a shortcut to success is to learn to replicate the success of others.

5, learning the details of competitors and executive power

Competitors in the Baidu home page should not have happened yesterday, those who occupy the home page is not even before this, you can imagine how much they did work, how much time it took, how tough the execution of this process required, and how meticulous the work of SEO is. Small to an original article content, a careful structure of the chain, a successful outside the chain of construction, as large as dozens of days to maintain the update, observation data, adjustment strategy, these are executive force and attention to the details of the embodiment. I think the basis of the success of SEO is executive power and the details of the grasp, so that people succeed is not the knowledge itself, but their own spiritual strength.

Learning competitors is a road that will never be completed, no matter what kind of heights you have reached in the SEO industry, and your competitors in the same class will always be worth studying and studying. In this process, we will continue to improve themselves, and when you look back in a longer period of time, it really can produce a will be imminent, a list of the mountains small feeling. Article by Sichuan Shu Long Safety Technology consulting company Http:// Original, reproduced please indicate the source, incomparable thanks.

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