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It tells us that the reason is simple but very few people can do it, it is to understand oneself, understand the opponent. Whether do the industry website or do Taobao guest, or simply do a small station, contact to SEO optimization, keyword analysis is one of the first factors to consider. If the keyword has been determined well, then optimize from the inside of the page to the external layer of progressive, began our long and boring SEO road. At this stage, we have to do in addition to their own site's internal and external links, code optimization and other things, do not forget that we have competitors. What are our competitors? Please, you must have the determination and courage to rush first, not with those obscure station, occasionally in front of the face of the comparison. Search engine traffic is the top three pages, the first page with independent domain name of the site, they are our competitors, we want to defeat them how to do it? Black him? Of course not, but to learn from them!

  1. Competitor Web page structure.

On the first page is not unreasonable (those who use improper means of disregard off), their optimizer are predecessors and teachers, from each label, we can see the wisdom of SEO. When are you going to stay here? What is the title of the family? How to locate the key words? with webmaster tools to analyze his overall, his article structure, is false original or original? His code is nothing surprising, so it must have worked somewhere, or his high weight comes from other advantages, For example, to do brick and tile industry yixing Brick is well-known, so Yixing enterprises ranked higher, or his domain name years longer.

  2. Competitor's external link composition.

We also send out the chain, they also hair outside the chain, their external chain how so many? You're going to get him out of the chain. 他除了做博客站群,还做了什么?论坛发帖?问答平台?这些都做了为什么他那么多?排除时间关系,他是不是还有更加突出的外链质量呢?找出他有我们没有的论坛,博客,以及平台,注册好,整理起来。 Then there is the regular hair. Don't bother, people come here too. In SEO there is a shortcut to success, is to replicate the success of others. You even copy is too troublesome, that still don't seo, not suitable for you.

  3. Details determine success or failure.

The first two research through, then the basic repetitive operation, adhere to the original update believe there will be a day. But there may be exceptions. You've got to get back to your enemy. Where are the details? The opponents are doing better in the finer points. Apple founder Steve Jobs is a very detail-oriented person, he is harsh to his product icon design, shape to be visually perfect; he focused on experience, small to the design of a line. If you master the details, you will be able to master the Dharma of success.

SEO rookie is only my personal little sentiment, no technical content, I advance in the rookie stage, the case is not much, can not share. Just hope, your own little feeling if you have inspired and touched is incomparably honored and happy. The Internet era, the emphasis on sharing and learning, you closed will be eliminated by this era, will soon out. Sharing is telling more people what you see, and the Web is beautiful to share. In the same way, you create valuable things, the network will give you back, bring you more traffic and other you understand. Learn like your competitor, like a white hat.

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