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Search engine optimization (SEO) is to make the website appear in the search engine results in the best posture. The evaluation of a website by a search engine is like a social evaluation of a person, looking at the appearance (whether the webpage is standard), looking at the meaning (keyword density), and looking at the status (whether it is authoritative ), you can understand SEO from the perspective of understanding social relations.


It should be noted that the website gives users experience and content and services provided by the website are still the first. Seo plays a icing on the cake and cannot put the horse upside down. At the same time, many basic rules of Seo are exactly what a good website should follow. Following these rules can not only facilitate search engine crawling, but also provide a good user experience.


The following is an SEO solution for XX network.

  • Purpose

Improve the ranking of search results of XX net in mainstream search engines (Google, Baidu, Yahoo), and surpass main competitors to become the first matching website for the keyword "XX net.

The ranking of core products of XX network in mainstream search engines is improved, so as to improve user recognition and make it the first choice for users. For example, when a user searches for keywords such as "xxyy", "xx zz", and "xxyz", the search engine first presents our websites and products to users, direct the user to our website, instead of all the other imitation and irrelevant sites.

Increase the matching degree and density between our website and Related keywords, and bring more users through the search engine to further increase the website traffic and increase the commercial value of the website.

  • Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the first and most important step of website Seo. At the same time, when doing keyword analysis, you also need to understand the SEO requirements of important sub-topics and main products. The following analysis is required:

  • Search for user requirements. You can see the popularity of keywords from Google-related searches, and you can see what information you need.
  • Pay attention to relevance. The Relevance between page content and keywords must be high, which is close to user needs and is conducive to search engine indexing. To select a keyword, you can refer to the following:
    • Determine the main keyword. In the selection process of keywords, words that are frequently used and most representative of Website characteristics should be used as the main Keywords of the website.
    • Determine auxiliary keywords. After determining the main keyword, determine several auxiliary keywords, such as the extension of the main keyword and the combination of the main keyword.
    • Empathy. Imagine what keywords would you search for if you were a potential viewer who needed our website services?
    • Analyze competitor keywords. Look at competitors' websites and what keywords they use. What is the effect?

    Through Google related search (, filtered out some of the results, we found that the user's attention to "XX network" is mainly focused on the following two keywords: games and friends, from the main services and visitor sources provided by XX network, most people come to XX network for leisure and entertainment with friends or colleagues. Therefore, "games" and "dating" should be the main promotion points of the website.

    • Data Analysis

    Some analysis data of the three websites provided by Google and Alexa are as follows ):

    XX network competitor 1 competitor 2 remarks

    Analysis Indicators

    Google Page Rank
    : 6; 6; 7; this is Google's rating of the three websites (non-Logon), based on the weighted reverse link count, user traffic, PV, and other indicators.
    Google reverse link
    : 100; 889; 2,870; this parameter is the number of websites indexed by the search engine that are linked to statistics from other websites.
    Alexa Traffic Rank
    : 683; 130; 158; this parameter reflects the average number of visitors to the website and the total number of accessed pages in the past three months.
    Alexa avg. Time on site
    : 18.3 min/day; 31.1 min/day; 23.2 min/day; average time of each user staying at the site every day.
    Alexa sites linking in
    : 121; 898; 3374; similar to Google's reverse link.
    Alexa's number of visitors increased in the last three months
    : 70%;-9.4%; 11.7%; this data indicates that competitor 2 may be losing new users.
    Alexa's page views increased in the last three months
    : 104.3%; 39.18%; 1.17%; due to the low base of the XX network, the increase was large; the growth of competitor 2 maintained a stable level, significantly higher than that of competitor 1.

    Alexa's visitor stay has increased in the last three months.
    : 46%; 12%; 7%
    Alexa's access from search engines increased in three months
    : 40%; 7%; 5%



    Alexa is a professional website ranking and Analysis Service Provider. By further analyzing the data provided by Alexa, we find that:

    • Comprehensive statistics ......
    • ...... The most significant structural difference is that the former uses sub-directories to divide the main modules, while the latter uses sub-domain names to divide the main modules. For statisticians and search engines, the traffic of the former is completely concentrated on the domain name ......
    • Looking at the growth in the last three months ......
    • ...... Most associated websites are irrelevant. We recommend that you register and classify Alexa websites that have important rights in the industry as soon as possible ......
    • The keyword rankings of websites guided by search engines are as follows ......
    • Analyze the upstream/downstream sites of XX and XY networks ...... From this set of results, we found that users accessing the XX network mainly come from MSN, which ranks 5th in the world of Alexa, the reason is that once a user using MSN logs on to MSN, The news page will pop up automatically ...... We also found that xx network was not saved as a snapshot on Baidu, and whether its competitors had promoted it, but we didn't ...... Most of the visitors who leave XX network chose to go to XY network in the next step. This problem can be understood and addressed in this way ......


    Http:// .com


    • Draft implementation
    • Webpage design details
    1. In website UI design, keywords should not be displayed only in flash and images, which is not conducive to search engine crawling.
    2. Properly integrate keywords into the page content and maintain a certain keyword density.
    3. Search engines like concise code, because concise code facilitates crawling. The information irrelevant to the page content should be processed using the framework or Js.
    4. Use the file name and ALT, title attribute to briefly and accurately describe the image. Do not use meaningless image file names.
    5. Save the image in a dedicated directory as much as possible to simplify the link to the image path and make meaningful planning for the image reference path, such as XX/images/farm/xxfarmer.jpg, the URL path has a certain weight for the search engine to determine the image.
    6. The URL structure is optimized to standardize the URL path of a website, which is very powerful for English search, because the search engine crawls a lot of weight on URL and keyword matching. Of course, this makes Chinese keyword search less effective. For example, you can use words in a URL to make the user "look at the url for righteousness" and avoid meaningless URL paths ...... Use a simple and clear subdirectory structure ...... A pseudo-static URL.
    7. Practical experience shows that Baidu search engine has special processing rules for Chinese keyword matching ...... We can make the following designs for it ......
    8. Avoid pointing different URLs to the same page. For example, is the same page for visitors, but they are different links for search technology, we need to unify the link of the website. If necessary, you can use the 301 URL redirection technology.
    • Internal Link

    Many websites are strengthening their internal links. For more information, see Sina, Netease, and Sohu. Because high-quality internal links can improve the efficiency of Search Engine crawling, websites are friendly to search engines, the search engine will naturally be more "happy" to include website pages.


    During Internal link construction, we need to pay attention to the following points:

    1. Control the number of internal links of a document. In an article, it is best to have less than 10 Internal links.
    2. Try to use text links instead of image or flash links.
    3. Add keywords on this page as much as possible, or add links to keywords on other webpages displayed on this page.
    4. The link text should be able to describe the link content as much as possible, such as <a href = "... "> more Chinese cabbage </a> than <a href = "... "> more </a> more friendly to search engines.
    5. Make sure that you can distinguish between links and plain text.
    6. The internal link ("anchor") of this page can help you to quickly locate content on the page.
    7. Avoid duplicate content links, for example, Color = Black & brand = riedell and Brand = riedell & color = black. Obviously, they point to the same content, which may weaken the ranking competitiveness of website content, because the same content is scattered across multiple URLs (for search engines ). For Google search engines, a solution is to add links that are considered valid to the sitemap. xml file to clearly tell the search engine which link is valid ......
    • External link

    It is also called the import link. Having a large number of high-quality import links is a key factor in improving a website's ranking in search engines. For example, if Sina, Netease, even some websites with high PR such as pure navigation sites have <a href = ""> XX Network </a> on their home pages, so they acknowledge the status of XX network, the other XX networks are all "pirated", and the search engine ranking of XX network's "Whole Site" is bound to surpass its competitors. Of course, the reality is harsh, and it is difficult to immediately add a large number of high-quality import links in a short period of time. Therefore, we can publish articles with links (such as blogs) through links) and other methods to build the import link, you can also consider and some high PR site PR, get its link to "XX Details:

    1. Links. Links should be exchanged with related industries whenever possible, but the PR value exceeds our websites. The number of links on the other websites should not be too large. Note that links cannot be exchanged with websites that have been punished by search engines, avoid "link factory ".
    2. Publish articles with links. You can post articles or experiences about XX network on websites such as Sina and Baidu that provide blog publishing and publicity. What's important is that the article requires a link pointing to XX network, it is best to have one or two links for each article. In this way, with the promotion capability of these large websites, we can quickly obtain high-quality import links.
    3. Alliance advertisement. Through PR and other means and high PR navigation site to add plain text links, such as: <a href = ""> XX Network </a>, these websites include but are not limited to: (Google Pr = 8) Google Pr = 7 )......
    4. Attract Users to actively serve the import link for us. For example, "mmxx" is a feature of this product, which encourages users to add their points by clicking on the site ...... This function can attract users to register and add a large number of import links to our website ...... Design such a product :......
    • Website map and navigation

    If you need a search engine to include the content of a website, so that the search engine can better understand the service of the website, a good website map is essential. Although some of XX's content is blocked by search engines for the sake of user privacy, important product directories and features of the website, such as AA, BB, and CC (including some new products) and so on.

    1. Provides an HTML map of the main functions of a site. It is recommended that each page have a reverse link pointing to the website map, which helps the search engine quickly find the website map and allow the website map to crawl all the content to be indexed with the search crawler.
    2. You can create website navigation files for search engines such as Google and Baidu to provide the latest website content more accurately and timely. How to effectively provide sitemap. XML for Google? Note that ...... How to provide sitemap. XML for Baidu? You can do this ......
    3. The default navigation page is created under the "root" directory of the classified access path, considering that users may intercept some URLs for access, for example, manually modify the URL access/news/2007 Situation after preconsideration of user access/news/2007/upcoming-news-show.htm.
    4. Build a friendly 404 web page to analyze possible errors or intelligently correct URL Errors for users, and provide users with navigation to pages they may need to access or be interested in, at the same time, you need to avoid 404 pages being crawled by search engines. This is a good practice. When you access a post page that does not exist, it will kindly list other pages of interest to users while prompting users 404, to some extent, the loss of users is avoided.
    • Title

    The page title has the highest weight for the search engine "Chinese keyword match" (because the URL can only be English in general, but Baidu has exceptional features. How can we use it? See the preceding description ). The title of each page must be unique and accurate. Generally, the format can be "page title-Keyword description-website name/Domain Name". Try to include keywords in the title:

    1. Think about what the website viewer will search for, and then determine the keywords for the user's search requirements.
    2. Accurately describe the content of the webpage.
    3. Create a unique "page title" for different types of web pages ".
    4. Make full use of the search engine's "patience" on the title length, but be careful not to be too long.
    • Meta tag

    As search engines become more intelligent, the weight of meta tags is not as good as before. However, based on practical experience, Google still attaches great importance to meta description. For more information, see the following example :....... In any case, poor meta writing, such as the accumulation of keywords, irrelevant keywords/descriptions and content, will play a negative role. Therefore, Meta needs to describe the overall content of this page in a concise and accurate manner:

    1. List keywords on the page in META keywords.
    2. Use meta description to accurately summarize the content of the webpage.
    3. Try to create different descriptions for each page.
    • News source

    It has become the source of popular keywords or the source of popular news. It plays a significant role in improving the website's popularity and authority, and can greatly improve the user's degree of recognition. Google Trends, Baidu rankings, and other tools can tell us what are currently popular search keywords.


    <Intellectual property rights, picture omitted>

    From Alexa, I listed the most important keywords from the search engine for YY Mesh Belt Traffic in the last month, excluding other factors, we found that the keyword "RTU" is the user traffic of the YY mesh belt, which is second only to "YY". Therefore, making news and becoming the source of hot spots is an important means to attract attention. At the same time, YY network also has a necessary condition for becoming a news source: high update frequency -- the update frequency determines the frequency of retrieval by the search engine.


    For example, news such as XY's entrepreneurial team and XY's entrepreneurial history can be regarded as's own hype to some extent, the XX network passively accepts a lot of negative hype and is tied to keywords such as "shanzhai ......


    You can consider the following measures:

    1. To create a public blog for a search engine, you can start from the inside, similar to the Google blackboard report, and introduce the news, new products, interesting stories, development history, and technology of the website to the public.
    2. We encourage our users to write their experience on XX online and publish them on influential online media, such as Sina Blog, which can provide virtual rewards to users who are actively involved. Cooperation with news websites can be considered for holding special blog evaluations and other activities. You can also consider posting technical architectures and innovations that can be made public on the technical website to attract developers' attention, such as csdn blog.
    3. Some active users are allowed to post logs, articles, and photos to the public. Of course, they still need to be reviewed. Similar to how csdn blog users contribute to a specific topic, they can use the content they create to create news sources for the website.
    4. Participate in "Baidu promotion" and other Baidu services, because according to the previous analysis data, Baidu is the most dependent website of XX and XY user groups, it can be said that Baidu's opinions have greatly affected users' choices.
    • Product promotion

    Analysis based on the actual situation of the website ...... Non-Logon access ......

    • Other references
    • Effectively use the robots.txt file to expose the content to be promoted and promoted to the search engine while protecting the privacy of the website.
    • Do not provide junk information to search engines. Use technical means to block such information. For example, verify messages (Anti-robots) and automatically Filter Junk information. Users are encouraged to provide original content. For example, if the original content is reproduced, users are required to indicate and attach the original content link. Otherwise, a large number of original content copied from other websites may have a negative impact on the ranking of the website's search results. Junk information mainly includes:
    • The link to the spam website.
    • Junk information generated by the user or information that affects the website reputation.
    • A large number of intact plagiarism.
    • Increasing the Alexa ranking can bring more advertisement and investment benefits to the website. Many organizations use the Alexa ranking as an important basis for evaluating the value of the website. Several ideas:
    • Place the Alexa ranking statistics widget on some pages of the website.
    • We encourage you to install the Alexa toolbar to access this website. The Alexa toolbar provides a lot of useful information for the Alexa analysis website, and the number of times the Alexa browser installed with the Alexa toolbar accesses the website is an important indicator for Alexa to calculate the website ranking.
    • If you have the conditions, you can consider providing webmaster service products to guide webmasters to visit our website, because webmasters are generally the most likely people to install Alexa toolbar.
    • Conclusion

    This solution lists possible solutions and methods based on statistical data. It is recommended that the most practical and effective steps be taken first after evaluation.

    How can I quickly submit website/blog updates and website maps to multiple mainstream search engines? This requires effective solutions and tools ......

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