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Baidu Encyclopedia everyone will not be unfamiliar, Baidu know the same brother, in particular, do SEO webmaster, Baidu Encyclopedia is no longer familiar enough, Baidu know more and more strict, many domain names have been added to the blacklist, Guo Ye-ye of the "Wuhan Baidu" Network has also been joined, it is really depressing, usually with the link to know the answer, Will not pass. If Baidu knows that the seoer can make full use of the guerrillas or death squads, then Baidu Encyclopedia is an aircraft carrier, Baidu Wikipedia's weight is higher than Baidu know, and is very low probability of deletion, if in a reasonable encyclopedia inside the site of their own domain name, traffic will certainly bring some.

I observed a feature, if Baidu Encyclopedia no one to modify, snapshots are prohibited, if Baidu Encyclopedia has been modified, the snapshot will be updated in a short time to the encyclopedia modified that day, the longest time will not exceed 12 hours, do not know how Baidu interior is to give the weight of Baidu Wikipedia, can do snapshots do not need every day , you can still rank the front, and when a change occurs, the snapshot is immediately updated. These are not much said, Baidu encyclopedia weight Everyone is obvious to all, how seoer from Baidu Encyclopedia here to a cup of soup, Guo Ye-ye will share with you the experience.

Contact Baidu Encyclopedia, or when working in Beijing, there is a state-owned enterprise Mister Chat with me, said is want to do Baidu promotion, and also asked me if I can help to do a Baidu encyclopedia, wrote here I do not have to look at my first Baidu Encyclopedia, editing time for March 9, 2008, Snapshot time stopped, Since that time no one has been editing this encyclopedia, the encyclopedia rankings are stable in the second place of the company's keywords. The first is the company's official website, the snapshot date is the next day, very fresh, this shows Baidu Baidu to give the special weight of Wikipedia.

Halfway I edited a few times Baidu Encyclopedia, is purely for fun, in order to upgrade the ID, and then stopped. Back to Wuhan after entering Wuhan hundred Czech, in order to "Wuhan Baidu" website, Guo Ye-ye will be a very high weight of the core word "Baidu promotion" carried out a great change, and successfully added their own site links, the site was not included before the Baidu, plus links, my "Wuhan Baidu" site was second to receive, And the next day brings a good flow. Unfortunately, two months later, the link was removed by someone else. The competition of business words is always very intense, be removed is reasonable, later I also developed this kind of bad habit, all can decide to become the link of the advertisement, I always go to edit to remove, the reason is very simple, the advertisement link, my knowledge level also unceasingly promotes.

After editing dozens of or so entries, the experience of editing entries is also constantly accumulating, and also help others to do some of the business nature of the entry, edit Baidu entry is a kind of experience, Guo Ye-ye feel that when the entry editor more, naturally will be the nature of advertising, soft nature has a judgment experience, we should understand that Audit entries are people rather than machines, so what they are thinking, we just need to estimate.

Below I from the Baidu Encyclopedia structure, to share I do Baidu encyclopedia some experience.

Entry name

The term is the name of the target you want to do, for example, I have always wanted to do "Wuhan Baidu," The word for Baidu Encyclopedia, we feel good implementation? Baidu Encyclopedia of the editorial guidelines are clear, refined, concise, and to maximize the avoidance of ambiguity, the first word has commercial value, followed by Wuhan Baidu does not have a specific connotation and extension, Therefore, the word is difficult to audit, it is the content to do again good, the same is denied, the other word also belong to Baidu's sensitive words, here do SEO webmaster should know.

Encyclopedia Business Card

Encyclopedia card in fact, an overview of the entry, which should include the general meaning of the whole term rather than excerpts, but also the beginning of an entry Baidu encyclopedia, such as "Wuhan Baidu" made encyclopedia, Wikipedia business card includes the "Wuhan Baidu" overview, logo pictures. Writing here, must be concise, like to write a description of the site (description).

Paragraph title and table of contents

This is Baidu Encyclopedia of the general framework, the backbone of the section, so that readers more easily read, and will not use the H tag seoer can refer to Baidu Wikipedia try, but I dare not, I have been punished by Baidu is very miserable, very strange Baidu encyclopedia will not, but tastes is the RP problem? The main section is the link section, will be strong text segmentation together on the site, how the section, paragraph title and directory on how to divide.

The text of the entry

The text of the entry is like the content, that is, the seoer of the update part, these things do not need to speak more. Editor Baidu Encyclopedia text must not write some cow lip not the content of horse mouth, if it is editor "Wuhan Baidu" entry, certainly do not appear "website construction" content, otherwise certainly is not good to pass, another advertisement nature not too strong. The more public good entries, the easier it is to pass!

Body Pictures and Atlas

To the entry annotation, the auxiliary expression, the proof is very helpful, like does the website, the picture is also more important, but for the search engine, does not have so big affinity. One entry can add 20 albums, and an album can add 20 pictures.


The text is located in the main part of the encyclopedia, embedded in the map, through the search place can get the location of the corresponding location screenshots.


The module is a template for the formatting of some content in the entry, which can be embedded in the main body part of the encyclopedia. For example, TV series category "Plot" module.


The link here is the most difficult to pass, the link here is generally very high authority of the site, so you can choose to give up their own links. If you are willing to make contributions to other major sites, it is also good.

Extended Reading

Here is a good link, I generally like to use "XXX official website: xxxxxxxxx" Interpretation, through a high rate.

Open categories

Just like with the site of the keyword things, this doesn't matter anymore.

Final summary

Guo Ye-ye has also done business type of Baidu Encyclopedia, however, the use of a simple technique, is the first to write more easily through the Baidu Encyclopedia, in a little to modify, until the Baidu Encyclopedia modified to become the desired result, is to impact the world Championship, a little bit of record-breaking, so as to make more money, a truth, Baidu Encyclopedia editor can not be too impatient, so a little bit of add on it, in addition, according to the entry is rejected prompts, even if the content of the adjustment edit is OK, Baidu Encyclopedia editor than imagined are more simple, high pass rate is indeed the case, the usual can be like playing the game as practice level, adaptation of other entries, you can , this article by Wuhan Baidu webmaster Guo Ye-ye Original, reprint please keep this link!

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