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The previous article to analyze the Bo Bao Mall optimization case, interested can go to see, today to bring you a case is a shopping guide website: love to buy the net. First of all, the analysis here does not involve the weight of the site, because the weight of a site is not a short period of time can be improved, the need for time accumulation. But the other aspect basically we can still be able to do in a short time, for example content, structure and so on. First of all, to the website posted on the Web site, the following is through the Love station network to get some basic data


Then we take the "cosmetics ranking version" as an example for everyone to analyze the purchase of the network of the military way. Post the URL to be analyzed first

Below is the image we see by looking at the source code of the first page.


From the above figure can see that the first page directly to the page link, this benefit does not bother me, the inside page directly share the weight of the homepage, the longer the cumulative weight of the higher. Here he used "cosmetics" as anchor text, should be for the needs of the beautiful page, if replaced by the "cosmetics list" is more perfect.

Then we enter this URL in the Baidu search box


There are 528 related fields, anchor text is needless to say, certainly not a lot.

These are external factors, and then take a look at the intrinsic elements of this web page.

First come the cliché title, keywords, description


These three points for SEO practitioners are basically common sense, love to buy in this respect do also very good, nothing to say, and then look down, only one by one points to note is that we do like this long tail word ranking when keywords and description best to define themselves, do not call through the program.


Title plus H1 tag, but did not find the H2 tag, I think appropriate to add a few H2 tags may be better.

In terms of content, the content of this Web page is extremely rich, to meet the needs of Baidu and users for content-rich, from the top down to see first listed the 7 charts, in the middle of a navigation bar, we call it related reading. Not only reduces the site's bounce rate, but also to other pages and home made an anchor text link, itself the weight of the page is already very high, so that it can pass his weight to other pages.


Further down are also related to the cosmetics list of content, not to increase the richness of the content of the Web page and keyword density, but also to provide users with more choices and watch.


Further down is a related reading, the role of reading the same as above


And then down is the update drive for this page: The latest refresh or join of the enterprise, the latest refresh or join the brand. So it could be his. This page can be constantly updated to facilitate spider crawling and snapshot updates


And then there's a navigation bar down again.


This is about the same as reading on the above, are from the user experience point of view, users want to see other sections do not need to go back to the top of the page, I think this is used in the length of the article, the effect should be very good, the article is a little short words on the lily.

And then looking down, have to admire the purchase of resources used, and give several other pages to do anchor text links, I think the effect of this link may be more than you send hundreds of of ordinary outside the chain effect is better, because the weight of the page itself has been very high, the relevance is so good. Use this page to vote for other pages, the effect must be doubled.


And then down to the bottom of the site, are some of the regular website introduction, I think if you can make this part of the text into a picture of the better, you can effectively reduce the proportion of boilerplate text, but for this page does not matter, so much content on the boilerplate text to dilute, If the article is too small, it is recommended to make pictures. This article by the Shandong Collection Net exclusive feeds, reprint please indicate the copyright

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