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Good outside the chain can be the site to stand out, while the bad outside the chain can easily bury a famous station. It can be said that the outside chain is the key to success or failure of SEO. Burning here to give you a detailed description of the relevant knowledge.

I. The concept of the outer chain

Outside the chain is from someone else's website link to your site links. For example: There are two sites A and B, where a A word (anchor text) of an article is linked to a page on the site B, so for b he has a chain of a website.

two. Get the meaning of the outside chain

Outside the chain for search engines is to weigh the weight of the site is one of the important criteria. Many search experts believe that at least 25 high-quality links to your site can significantly improve your search rankings. This is very good understanding, for example, if you say a word, the world's major media, journalists, newspapers, magazines, etc. are reproduced. Then you can be sure that you are a great influence in this world! Conversely, if you say, relatives, friends, family, colleagues and so on all the people are dismissive, ignore you. Then you can be sure you're a nobody. This example is a good illustration of the significance of the outside chain.

summed up, the main significance of the chain is as follows

1. Increase the weight of the website;

In the search engine's idea, the website which is quoted by many other websites is a good website. For example: Ministry of Industry website, there is not much substantive content but there are 897,000 outside the chain, its PR value is 10

2. Improve keywords ranking;

On this point, some people think that the chain of keywords in the rankings have little or no impact. But I personally think that the anchor text outside the chain set for your site's keywords to rank meaningful. This can be understood: other sites in the discussion of the "outside the chain" of the keyword, link to your site, then the search engine will guess that the word "outside the chain" the concept may be your site proposed. Therefore, your site on the "outside the chain" This keyword ranking may be increased. You can do one of these experiments: create a and B two pages on the site, place similar content, and include keyword C. When the chain promotion, a site outside the chain anchor text not set to the keyword C, and b site outside the chain anchor text set to the keyword C. After a while, observe A and b two sites in keyword C on the search engine rankings.

3. Accelerate the collection of Web pages;

Search Engine crawler Crawling other site pages, it is possible to follow the chain ran to your page. Therefore, increased the speed of the collection of Web pages.

Search engine Evaluation Page link popularity There are four basic methods: the number of links, the quality of links, link anchor text, link relevance.

three. The classification of the outer chain

1. Friendship links outside the chain

Links are the two sides on their own site to place each other site logo or text description, and set up the other site hyperlinks, so that users can find their site from the cooperative site, but also can help search engine crawling and judging site content. This is a kind of mutually beneficial cooperative relationship. Note: There are links between the network weight transmission and do not pass the points, the specific situation can be analyzed link URL to judge.

2. The website classification catalogue outside the chain

Classification directory refers to the collection of Web site resources through artificial means, and these have a certain value of the site resource resources in accordance with the theme of the organization, stored under the corresponding directory, thus forming a Web site Classification directory system.

3. The net picks the bookmark outside the chain

Pending study

4. Blog space outside the chain

Blog Outside the chain is a good way to build a chain, you can apply for a large number of free blog to build blog groups. Once the blog group is built up, it can provide services for the promotion of multiple websites, which can be said to be a gold mine. Unfortunately, however, the search engine is now gradually reducing the value of the blog outside the chain.

5. Encyclopedia category edit outside the chain

According to the website relevance of the professional terminology of the editorial entries submitted. The value of this link is quite high, but the time he spends is also very large. However, you will soon find that it is worthwhile to spend these energies. Such a high quality outside the chain, can bring you long-lasting network power.

6. The knowledge question and answer class website outside the chain

The creation of such links requires skill-mastering. For E-commerce sites, the greater value of such links is reflected in the ability to bring potential customers.

7. Forum outside the chain

Regular signatures, posts, you insist on. Note: This kind of link operation is simple, short-term performance is high, but if a large number of sites flooded with a single forum link, will be the search engine's attention, K station is inevitable. should be carefully operated.

8. Message board outside the chain

Today, under the circumstances, the effect is poor, a small number of searches per day for the corresponding theme of the message.

9. RSS Submit Web site category outside the chain

10. Email link

four. Definition of high quality outer chain

1. The content of the chain page is related to the site;

2. Persistent one-way links;

3. The outer chain page is static page;

4. Text link, format as follows:< a href= "http://www.***.com" title= "Communication skills" > Communication skills </a >;

5. Outside the chain page can not have more than 20 export links;

6. PR value is greater than 3;

Five. The common way to get outside chain and its analysis

1. Friendship Links

This is known to all, friendship links is the most basic way to outside the chain. To obtain high-quality links is not very easy, for such as new stations and old stations as far as possible to find similar sites to do friendship links, similar site links than not similar to the role of the link to a large number of. Friendship Link is a win, if there is a chance, as far as possible to strive for friendship links.

2. Blog, Forum message

It is the easiest and fastest way to get the operation out of the chain. It is precisely because of this method simple, easy to use, quick effect of the characteristics, resulting in a lot of webmaster crazy release message information, spread site links. Will often be deleted or banned in a certain period of time. The consequences of this are very serious. Outside the chain growth instability, a large number of times within the chain, and in a short period of time lost a large number of outside the chain, which will cause search engine suspicion, to the site has a negative impact. The right approach should be to try to find the right answer based on the blog or post content. 5 to 10 such chains are generated daily. Slowly grow, one year can get this kind of outside the chain of 2000 or so. You are sticking to it.

3. Soft text Submission

Submit valuable articles on some of the most famous websites, with links in the articles. If the article quality is high, may cause many other websites to reprint. So each article can bring a lot of outside the chain. This category is high-quality outside the chain, article content, link location, anchor text, title, etc. you can control. However, the biggest problem with this approach is its operability, producing high-quality original articles that might be cited as a problem. Difficult things, the value is often relatively high. If you can produce such original articles on a regular basis, the site will gain a source of energy.

4. Compilation Encyclopedia

Google loves Wikipedia very much, which is a well-known thing. Google is said to have at least 1% per cent of its traffic to Wikipedia every day. Find problems with existing entries, or create new entries and leave a link to your site. This will be a high quality, long-lasting outside the chain. Of course, its operation is also the biggest difficulty!

Six. Issues to be noted

1. is the link site being punished by Google? If so, your site may be implicated.

2. When exchanging links, pay attention to the style of the link:

Link to http://www.***.com this direct link, pass PR;

Link to***.com this kind of station to export links, do not pass PR;

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