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From the outset, the framework of Web sites for even professional search engine optimization has become a challenge. Whether the framework technology to design a new Web page, has become a topic of debate. In this article, we provide you with some basic optimization techniques, and you can also learn how to make a Web page that uses frames as the key search engine correctly indexed and how to optimize it. First, let's take a look at the benefits of a Web site designed with a framework. Its superiority is embodied in the overall maintenance and update of the whole web design. That's why a lot of web designers tend to use framework technology to design Web sites. In particular, for those large Web sites (at least 500 pages above), the use of the framework structure can make the maintenance of the site relatively easy.

what is a frame-type Web page?

If the left navigation menu of a webpage is fixed, and the information in the middle of the page can be moved up and down, this can generally be considered as a frame-type Web page. In addition, some frame-type site templates place the company's logo or picture above its page. But it's also a fixed position. Other parts of the page can move up and down. Some frame-site templates also put links or navigation buttons in their fixed areas. In addition, in a framed Web page, the domain name of a deep page is usually not reflected in the URL (this means that in the browser's URL column, you are not displaying the deep page you are currently looking at, but the homepage URL). This problem does not exist in the general structure of the Web site.

Whether it's in some of the better books or online, you can see a lot of articles about search engine optimization. In these articles, it is generally believed that the Web site with the framework to design is extremely undesirable. This is because most search engines do not recognize frames in a Web page, or they cannot traverse or search through the contents of a frame.

In this case, someone might tell you that a Web site that uses frames will never be indexed by a search engine, nor can it be well optimized. That's a mixed argument. This argument is untenable if the framework is properly used. But for the wrong use of the framework, or in the design of the site does not consider today's search engine technology in all aspects, then this sentence has some reason.

why can't a Web page with frames be indexed correctly?

Here, we will explain why Web pages that use frames cannot be used by web spiders (spiders) or web crawler (crawlers) 's main search engines (such as Google) to correctly index the main reasons. In the background code of a frames page, we can generally see the page title tag (meta title), the description tag (meta Description), the keyword tag (meta Keywords) and other original tags (meta tags), You will also see a frame set tag (Frameset tag). The content in the framework is not reflected in the background code, and for the search procedures of the main search engines, such as Google's Googlebot and Freshbot, the idea is to completely ignore some HTML code, instead of directly locking the actual content on the page index. As a result, web spiders cannot find what they want to search on those general frames. This is because the specific content has been put into what we call the "internal Web page".

Now we all know that no matter for any Web site and any page, the real page content is to achieve a successful optimization of an important factor. So obviously, a Web site that uses a framework is almost impossible to get a better page rank in a search engine. Today's search engines expect only one thing, that is the content of the site. The content here refers to unformatted or text-formatted content, which is the words and phrases written on the Web page.

using the "Noframes" tag for optimization

Using a frames page does not mean that you cannot optimize its web page at all. In fact, in HTML tags, there is a tag called noframe, if used properly we can effectively optimize the page, so that the search engine can correctly index the content information on your frames page. There are also websites that use noframes tags: they put a phrase in the noframes tag: "This page uses frames, but your browser does not support frames." Please download a new browser to watch. ”

Let's take a look at what the professional SEO companies are doing. They effectively provide important text and content with rich keywords and key phrases in a Web page that uses frames, effectively helping the site get a high ranking (page rank) in Serp (search engine search results page).

The result of this optimization is that the main search engine not only reads the title and other original tags in your Web page background code, but also indexes the content information of pages that are not visible to browsers that do not support frames. If you're using a frame structure for some reason, keep in mind that it's important to use the noframes tag correctly in your background code.

Obviously, the optimization we're talking about will work only if the content of the Web page is well written and the content uses the most important keywords and key phrases.

Other related issues

Above we have made a detailed analysis of how to optimize the homepage of a website using the framework structure. I believe that now you should learn how to optimize the other internal pages that use the framework correctly.

Frame-type Web sites have very significant advantages in information searching and establishing the concept of website regularization. Many web site developers and designers who use framework technology see the advantages of being clear and easy to maintain, and keeping the entire site consistent and holistic.

To sum up, whether it is the use of framework technology sites or non-frame technology sites, as long as you use the appropriate technology and the right skills, can be optimized to achieve the desired page level.

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