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Recently, the author in the era of interconnection to understand that it in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen Telecom room quietly to do the promotional activities, 1U a year of server hosting costs can be reduced by 1000 to 2000 yuan, in different areas of the computer room have different preferential policies, which in the context of the financial crisis will undoubtedly be small and medium-sized enterprises and Stationmaster's pursuit.

A rational view of server hosting market under the financial crisis

Under the influence of the 08 financial crisis, the whole economic environment has ups and downs, the Internet industry opportunities and challenges coexist. For those affected by the crisis of relatively weak funds of small and medium-sized enterprises and owners, server hosting is also a small amount of spending. At this time to find a reasonable price, high quality service providers have become a top priority.

The burden of building a station under the financial crisis

The author learned from some webmaster that, due to the economic environment forced, enterprises have to reduce the network propaganda budget, the current Web site is only enough to maintain the normal operation of the server, resulting in their reduced to it workers. In the absence of a better profit model before, how to cut expenditure and reduce the cost of the site operation, has become the owners of various enterprises and stationmaster the most urgent needs.

To reduce the cost of building stations and organic application

As we all know, the more secure and stable the hosting environment is, the higher the cost of hosting is relative. Under normal circumstances, who would like to entrust their own server to a "senior housekeeper", so as to obtain a high-quality network environment to protect their interests. But in terms of the price of relativity, the cost of hosting the server cannot be reduced.

In fact, this is not necessarily, in the domestic has a strong technical team as the support of IDC service providers, at a certain time they will also launch a server hosting preferential activities. If you can catch such promotions, not only reduce the cost of the station, but also get a "senior housekeeper" to provide their own quality service. And for the server hosting feel the burden of the enterprise and webmaster, is a good network environment can be achieved and reduce the cost of the opportunity to build the station.

Nowadays the Internet industry competition is increasingly fierce, to the quality, stability, quality service and development, must become the enterprise website and personal webmaster website Operation Dimension Core. So choosing a good server custodian is the foundation of your site's operations .

In this connection, the era of Interconnection ( related to the person in charge, said, when the pressure is growing, not to reduce the cost of blindly choose No security server hosting, which will assume a certain risk, may also be in the fierce competition in the brutal elimination.
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