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Chef seo? It seems like two unrelated occupations, indeed, these two are not the same. But because I always like cranky, and often go to a small restaurant to eat, think of SEO and cook in many places is interlinked, so there are the following six points to everyone crooked solution. This is the old article I wrote before (at the earliest BSG forum), a little longer, read please be patient!



A. What is SEO

Many people think that they can modify the Web meta information, add a chain, and then play a small trick, playing a little smart, is a seoer, but not many people think that will be ordinary cooking at home can cook it?

The former point of view let a lot of people mistakenly think SEO is so simple, so little things, this also let a lot of people are learning and some do not understand SEO so much, but also let many enterprises do not understand SEO leadership is so despise SEO personnel.

Indeed, SEO primer is simple. Can cook as a cook, we see the chef is only to do cooking, small hotel, hotel (hehe, of course, not including some high-end hotel chef, chef, etc. do not work) we can see the eating places are so. However, it seems that we have not seriously studied the chef this profession? SEO is also so, entry is not difficult, into the door can do a good job is another thing.

Two. Seo This line

I prefer to be serious, love the wording. Many people like to say SEO this industry how to do, I am very puzzled, seo how can be called industry, you can say to do seo this line ..., just like not many cooks say chef this profession .... The impression is like finance, education such talent is called industry.

Three. SEO Training

Chef training schools flying, but the country so much to do chef training, not every training out are cooking master, very likely to do the training itself is not. SEO is also the case, do not expect to participate in a certain SEO training or by participating in a variety of SEO training can become a master, even if the training is an expert in SEO, but only the theory, not to practice, you will always be the primary level, this is not the same as the chef training is the same as the chef training is on-site Pay attention to actual combat and practice.

Four. SEO positioning, boundaries

Since the contact with SEO, into the door inside, see a lot of people present the face is not steady perseverance, but impatient and impatient. may be related to the age of practitioners, mostly young people, quick success. But it seems unlikely that a chef will come up with a lot of customers, like a big customer. It's a different story when you have a good pedigree and a lot of hype.

SEO itself is a meticulous time-consuming work, want a short period of time rapid gains, fame and wealth, that is net earn, not SEO. Of course, you can also say that net profit belongs to the category of SEO, or SEO belongs to the category of net profit. This is the SEO set and boundaries are not clear, also do not know exactly how to point, so the net earned, promotion, marketing and so on everyone is SEO. Remember Ronbin said SEO is just a kind of search engine marketing. A lot of people can't figure it out. Of course, there is a variety of people engaged in SEO, the level of uneven, plus there is no unified saying, also became today impetuous wind spread.

Five. SEO Practices

Just start to do SEO or do the people, mostly by their own subjective conjecture to do, I think, I think the user or site should do the best. The chef doesn't say that you make your best dish, and the customer likes to eat it. Suppose a northern chef in a customer object is more south of the restaurant made a famous northern dishes, may not only customers do not say well, but also reflect the difficult to eat it. For example, the first time I point to fish fragrant pork this dish, I thought this dish must have fish, the result is not. So the chef should not assume that the customer likes to eat anything, he should look at the menu of the most customers point that dish as a special dish.

Similarly, the website traffic and the keyword also must start from the user, finds the real search quantity and the search term.

Six. SEO Development

Many people who are engaged in SEO feel that they have a knack for doing business with others. Just as many cooks think that working for others in a restaurant is not as good as opening a small restaurant and being a boss.

Of course in the enterprise, in small companies, SEO also has the development. The restaurant may be cooks, waiters, cashiers and the like, the chef often deal with the waiter, but also by the boss more attention. Big Hotel Chef on the level, the chef Ah, senior chef, kitchen workers and so on, are cooks, may pay attention to different degrees, well done may be the lobby manager, branch manager and so on.

SEO is so, small companies are not so much fastidious, SEO on so one or two people, big company opportunities and buried degree is equally big.

Seven. SEO Master

Chef only through continuous exploration, summary, practice, innovation can become a chef. SEO is the same, there is no Mr. Empty talk. Thought imitation copy also can only parrot, hazy just.

In this regard, think of childhood learned "sell oil Weng" text, the effect is Kangsu is very good at archery, selling oil old man said "without him, but hand cooked er." "Then pick up the gourd, gourd mouth buckle a copper coin, to the gourd to pour oil, oil from the money hole into, and money is not wet." But the old man said, "I have no him, but hand-cooked." Therefore, there is no master, but practice more, always remember experience and lessons.

Said will say, the truth is understood, the key is not to do. It is not difficult to pour oil, but people sell oil in the old man decades of repeated this inverted oil action, and finally can do the oil into the gourd, and the copper coins are not wet, simple things to achieve the ultimate, nature is superior.

Seven. SEO Prospects

It may be thought that no one went to a restaurant to eat, the restaurant went bankrupt, and the chef lost his job. But this seems like Baixin years, so no chef would worry about such problems.

SEO is the same, as long as there is a network, SEO and rice bowls end. Chinese, foreign language, PC, notebook, mobile terminals and so on these no matter what form, all need SEO, but to adapt, pondering Bale.

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