Some factors to be considered in website navigation based on SEO angle

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Site Navigation as a site design is an indispensable part, if no navigation site users can not quickly find the information users want. The existence of the site's navigation value, not only to facilitate the user to find information more quickly found in the relevant columns of content, and cut is also conducive to the search engine crawl, so as to effectively solve the site included problems. The following points, is my SEO training center in Hangzhou some individuals from the perspective of SEO to talk about site navigation in the design, you need to pay attention to what factors:

1th: The website navigation as far as possible uses the text as the website link


On the map is Sina homepage of the navigation, for important columns can be bold or other ways to show, the site more columns, can be layered display, layout reasonable, without affecting the user experience.

2nd: The website navigation structure is reasonable

If we are doing Baidu optimization, you can use Chinese letters or products as a navigation URL, visitors can connect to know what the navigation column, a great convenience to customers more accurate search for valuable things. A corporate web site often has "news center" and "product display", when we develop the website, we can use Xinwen and chanpin as the URL address.

3rd: links to be relevant


For example, the site, as an SEO enthusiasts, and constantly Hangzhou SEO extended a series of long tail keyword as a site navigation, not only the site navigation more relevant to increase, and cut more natural to Hangzhou SEO scattered to each column, to increase the site keyword layout.

4th: Site navigation and links do not appear too much

As an enterprise site, there is no need to appear in the site too many navigation links, in the SEO has a cake principle, a page appears links more, the more dispersed the weight of the site, so that the page will not be in search engines have a good ranking.

5th: The site as far as possible not to use pictures, flash as a navigation

Pictures and flash as navigation, although very beautiful, but not conducive to search engine identification. Some enterprises in order to save space costs, to buy some of the more rotten space, when the user to browse the site, will cause the picture does not show, or because the user did not install the Flash plug-in, the site navigation effect is lost, thereby missing the site user experience.

The above points are Hangzhou SEO Training ( to share the site navigation in the design of the time to consider some factors. Hope this article can help and I like SEO into the site to optimize some of the internal optimization some understanding, SEO Road needs more friends to exchange discussions.

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