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SEO technology, seems to overflow, is due to the low threshold of SEO technology? Or is it because SEO technology is easy to make money? or just want SEO technology to help the site from the search engine traffic?

No matter what the purpose, contact and learn SEO technology, an ordinary professional SEO commissioner to share with you some of the SEO understanding.

First, SEO purpose

Regardless of the optimization of what type of site, SEO should be to enhance the search engine friendliness and even user experience as the benchmark, and ultimately, not only the site from the search engine to obtain traffic, but also to make the flow of value (SEM).

If holding, for search engine optimization site optimization, forget to enhance the user experience, that may occur, is the user will never stay, can never precipitate users, the site jump rate will be very high. In fact, to optimize a website in the overall architecture of the site, directory structure, site content, improve search engine friendliness, then the rest is to enhance the user experience as the focus, to remember, the user favorite site, search engine is also favorite, and the highest level of search engine optimization, should be, if which day our site was K , but the website traffic, the user is not how to lose!

Second, SEO means

SEO industry, widely circulated black hat SEO and white hat seo. Black Hat seo, often take the means of cheating, drilling search engine algorithm, short time, improve keyword ranking, but search engine algorithm is always updated and perfect, often just through the cheat means up the keyword, immediately in the search results disappeared without a trace. For example, not long ago, Google's Black Hat seo incident, as well as the domestic period before the "left-carnitine" incident, no one is not.

In the site to complete the most basic search engine structure optimization, white hat seo, there are many means and skills, which is why, the same keyword, why some sites will be top three?

So for SEO novice to say, choose an excellent SEO tutorial, and then step-by-step hands-on to practice the knowledge of the book, the most important thing is in the practice of summing up their living experience and skills, and these experience and skills, SEO is the most valuable wealth. Seo, must be actual combat, and then combat.

Third, SEO career development

First, you can do professional SEO commissioner. For example, now size network companies, hot recruitment SEO Commissioner Recruitment information everywhere. Second, the personal SEO technology is formidable, may individual receives the order. such as: Zac, and so on. Third, the SEO group orders, such as Wang Tong, and so on.

Some people take SEO as a career, some people take SEO as an amateur interest, there are people to SEO as a means of getting rich, put their own mentality, correct their direction, if like SEO, interested in SEO, can plan their own development direction, sometimes, inadvertently inserted Willow Shady, will let us harvest a lot.

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