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Now it seems that every day there are a lot of new standing in the ranks of the Internet, and the new biography first to face is SEO this big problem, most of the domestic netizens are through Baidu, Sogou to find the target site, Google of course in the domestic very influential, compared to Baidu is still slightly inferior a little bit, Baidu in the effort to strive for user experience at the same time has been more disgusted with the SEO user's direct experience. But in the last year 9 also divided Baidu official also out of the "Search Engine Optimization Guide", I have carefully read the guide, the content is basically more general, there is no detailed description of what, just gave us the direction of guidance, Baidu also in the content of the article several times to violate the Baidu Optimization law method. Some of the content mentioned is still very reasonable, but some of the content can be seen that some SEO is Baidu's loopholes and Baidu also for some loopholes also do not help, so some aspects of Baidu to change the normal, to resist for guidance.

For some Baidu vulnerability below mainly to some research Baidu very thorough SEO are very concerned about several points:

The first is the link, do not talk about internal optimization Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide has also been a more comprehensive introduction is very clear, the latter is external links, search engine optimization According to the calculation method, first to Google search engine examples, Google for search engine links to the number of direct access to a certain weight can be a higher ranking search engines, and Baidu is the lack of quantity plus quality as the standard. The combination of quantity and quality is not a simple thing, so Baidu this point in fact do not very good, some Baidu research more thorough SEO in this point or select the purchase link and their own release chain combination, After determining a certain number of stable purchase links reasonable release a few links with their own website average 20 minutes an update of an article gets is very high weight and rank.

Another way of thinking to see Baidu's control of the link is mainly in the number, why Google ranked up Baidu's ranking down. Many webmasters are obsessed with this problem. Because Google ranked up in a certain number of advantages and quality is not high on the premise, can have a good (key word) ranking, but the number needs a lot, and in your Baidu search engine, you are too many of the artificial traces caused by too much, Baidu is more natural and stable, the most stable way is to buy links, There is no more worry than this link, Baidu for human traces of the treatment on the right to drop, but under normal circumstances will not hurt the Black Hand easily k off a good station, Baidu in accordance with a site traffic and build time to determine a site is a certain period of time to calculate how many outside the chain should naturally produce (this locked within a range), Up to no flow and this time, this is the search engine automatically extracted.

Baidu's biggest feature is "Baidu Special situation" is the manual operation of Baidu, Baidu can say 80 is the search engine automatic operation, and 20 of the work are oriented and artificial (here does not include pictures, music, FLASH, encyclopedia, Library Audit, This inside most of Baidu content research has known Baidu also crazy collection of other search engine data, Baidu Encyclopedia is a large part of the collection of "Wikipedia", so Baidu for some special stations also often manually pick weights. For cooperation with Baidu at the station, we are all for all to see. And some sites should be k off Baidu is the same. Are all part of the manual operation. For artificial frequent human intervention Baidu we have to do is very simple, to determine the existence of their own site is traffic, the promotion of the site Wubi important, if your site did Baidu to promote, and then to optimize the purchase of artificial traces of the chain are floating clouds. Just a minute. Nothing special happened. If there is no cooperation Baidu promotion, and the purchase of high-quality links need to pay attention to the choice of a more reliable link sales company, here to mention the new transmission links, new communication links Mall are very wrong link platform, its outstanding advantage is that you can always monitor each of the above links, And in the presence of the expiration or innocence of the chain and timely notification to customers, to maximize the link security to reduce the cost of the link, in the choice of high-quality links to purchase, each link "parameters" (PR, snapshots, included, Alexa rankings, as well as the number of export links to the site, and so on the analysis of detailed to Google, Baidu, Yahu, Soso and so on, as well as every day included, weekly included, each month's collection, has sold orders are accurately reflected in each user's front, better analysis of the quality of the link. Make the right choice. The second is the price of the site to adopt a consistent package form or a single choice of the form of a daily discount list, the first time to snap. The third is the site's resources, a large amount of links to the resources of each row can also find the link you are matching.

The second is the human hair chain for Baidu, generally called the quality of the majority of the webmaster is a general concept, the release of their own outside the chain carefully and then seriously changed back to be a link within the page, and such a number of pages linked to the need for many, many will appear artificial traces, will be down right, Site has a lot of data show that the quality of their own release chain to say really high I think very little, internal page weight general operation can not reach the real high-quality, no outside is Sina or Tencent. To be able to higher traffic and so on, although said "cottage Prince Tencent" high weight, high flow, but the promotion of Tencent has never been slack off, even if the cottage without the efforts to promote, Tencent will not get so high traffic and users. No way to have money is good. So for the release of the chain Baidu research more thorough people know the right amount of distribution outside the chain, every day appropriate to make a few almost good, they know their level do not leapfrog. There are not many people who skip. Relationship and mind are the key. From this point of view also concluded that the only way to get high quality and proper quantity control is to buy links. Seoer a lot of their own to help others do optimization to make money, in fact, in order to leave a sum of money to buy a link, and the effort to find links, and do not talk about the quality of how many, said that can find how many in the mind have to understand almost.

There are also SEO training blog, it's good. Methods as a release of their own chain use, just into the people can have a few have a good group of blog, said back, because the blog is not used improperly by the number of K sites, blog reasonable use of foreign trade stations and corporate station Google search is very helpful, But Baidu doesn't seem to care about your blog. Instead of your blog management and external chain hair is not generally inseparable from a number of small software. It should be clear to people who have a lot of blogs here.

Often the most difficult to control the thing is only a solution, simply said that all the difficulties are a point of opposition, summary of the above content simply said Baidu SEO difficulty is high quality while controlling quantity. The number of new stations outside the chain is not to a pile (thousands of their own release of the chain regardless of the quality of how many) are down the right, key words dropped the object of ranking. And in the short term of hundreds of high-quality outside the chain is the key to SEO optimization.

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