Summary of methods for uninstalling IE8 under Windows XP

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Because of the need for Web development, Internet Explorer 8 Beta was installed the first time, due to compatibility problems, had to change back to version 7, but in the uninstall, I found in the "Add/Remove Programs" in the control Panel does not provide a direct uninstall option. So, on the Internet, I found that more than one person exists, not just in an XP system, but in Vista or Windows Server 2008. However, there may be more than one solution, the following general summary of the methods available to you:

· Uninstall directly from Add/Remove Programs, which is the most common method. But I think the general Internet to find the uninstall method of the people need this;

• Uninstall from the update program. If your system is XP SPX, open Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and select "Show Updates" above the panel to find Internet Explorer 8 beta updates, delete;

• If the above method still achieves its purpose, try adding/removing Windows Components to the left of Add/Remove Programs, and then remove the check mark in front of the Internet explore, and next. However, this method is strongly deprecated because many of Windows's programs are dependent on Internet Explorer, which removes Internet Explorer completely, causing the dependencies to run, and the previous two methods make the Internet The Explorer rolls back to the previous version;

• There are other methods and 3 similar to the use of Windows Optimization Master, 360 security defender A class of the "Smart Uninstall Tool" full Uninstall, but after the uninstall is completed you have to reinstall a version of IE

• In fact, there is an effective way, is also recommended in this article is a way to run directly c:windowsie8spuninstspuninst.exe, if you can not find this file, to see if the hidden attributes have been removed;

At this point, Internet Explore 8 has been uninstalled. It will automatically roll back to IE7.

Also, if you don't have an Internet Explorer icon on your desktop, how do you get it to display the IE icon on your desktop? method, right--Properties--desktop--Custom, put the check mark on the front of Internet Explorer, without this option, To run the "Change Windows Component" in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, click the check mark on the front of Internet Explorer and the next step is OK.

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