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Baidu, has been to the webmaster SEO feeling is extremely unstable, from time to time to you to adjust, many owners feel very helpless, even in the face of the fight career change. Some people say that Baidu artificial intervention is very serious, this phenomenon should exist, but think carefully, hundreds of billions of Chinese websites, it intervened to come over? Perhaps you would say, only to intervene in the top of the site, you may be right, but Baidu should have its own code of conduct, he intervened you, that you violate some of its rules, or some of your site's behavior touches its bottom line, so he will intervene you, that is, the so-called station by K or say down right.

Also some people said that Baidu often adjust, 1 months 1 times big adjustment, 1 week a small adjustment, each adjustment rank change is very big. But, on the whole, there are only a small number of big change sites, a lot of the rankings of the Web site is generally stable, or steady upward, if your site rankings drop, you first have to start from your own reasons, Baidu algorithm may have a small adjustment, but also not to make your site rankings drop significantly, This only means that your site touched the Baidu algorithm, or that it was updated to find some of your site "illegal" behavior, and timely stop your behavior, I hope you correct it.

So do seo, can not SEO and go to SEO. Many webmasters in order to SEO and go over the optimization of their own site, often overlooked their most important purpose: the user. To some extent, Baidu is your site's one of the most important users, Baidu spider at least every day will come to your site observation observation,

For the station, a lot of webmaster seo to fool Baidu, collected content, translation of the messy content, excessive pseudo original content, etc., you may think that Baidu has not reached the level of intelligent people, but you can not deny that he has a strong brain-database storage Center, It compares the content collected on your site with the data it stores, reach a threshold it can determine the content of your site is good or bad, of course, it also has errors, Baidu may make you upset the fundamental reading of the content of the original to the good content, But it also can tell from the other user's bounce rate that the content of your Web page is rubbish. So in order to run your website for a long time, do not try to deceive Baidu, perhaps it is not smart enough, but it's every update is to make it more intelligent. For the optimization of the website I only say 3 points.

1, to the user's point of view to do the station optimization. Starting from the user, based on the user, the site to long-term operation, it has to all users as the center, do not forget that Baidu is also a user. The user experience is very important, so the details of the site processing is very important, the industry may be different to deal with, but the most important thing is, you have to be a common user mentality to observe the site, to realize what the site is not enough and to change it. User optimization refers to the SEO optimization from the user's point of view, there is no simple SEO optimization to do so extreme, here I give a simple example: the description of the site, this paragraph is very important for users, our goal is to attract users to come in, the text here is not necessary to do keyword piling, otherwise there is no readability, Greatly unfavorable to user optimization.

2, the user's mentality to do outside the station optimization. Outside the station optimization, of course, we all understand that the chain, but if you want to make the chain to do the natural, of course, from the user, we do outside the chain is actually to allow others to vote for our site, let others think that our site good. So very simple truth, you think a sale of clothing site said a sale of cosmetics site is very good, this makes sense? Of course, this is not credible, so plainly, there should be a correlation. The most basic point, what kind of industry outside the chain to the industry close. The second thing to do is nature, this is more difficult. Again is the chain content, outside the chain content to have relevance, but also original. No matter what type of outside the chain, what soft text promotion, what forum, what bookmark, what blog, what directory submission, to these 3 aspects. The effect of this chain should be said to be good.

3. Executive power problem. In fact, this is the most important point, but also I admire the point of others. Others do better than you, do more than you, pay attention to more details than you, ranking will be better than you, the key is that they are constantly doing this thing. So, if you are going to run a website, you may have made a plan, such as one months included to achieve how much, to do some type of chain to achieve how many, and so on, the plan is developed, the most important thing is to execute it. Setting goals and accomplishing them is a matter of executive power. Of course, the Executive force is not in the monthly unit, it can be specific to a certain day, an hour, or even a minute, so the implementation of the problem is the most test us. Do this and long-term efforts, Baidu is not good to blame.

Above 3 points I mean to want to seriously long-term management of a website friends said, plainly I also poor far. If you want to do a website casually play, or want to sword walk slant, not suitable. After all, the internet garbage enough, we try to make their own contribution to it.

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