Talking about several data that should be looked when doing SEO

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Do SEO need to pay attention to the following several data:

1. How many people have access to your site through search engines. This is the most basic and important data. To be more specific, we'd better know which search engine each visitor is, through which keyword, and from which page to enter your site. When you do this analysis for the first time, you will find that the visitor's access to your site will be very different from what you originally thought.

How to find this data:

It is best if you have a browse record of the host of the Web site, as this information is included in the browsing record. You can write your own program to analyze it, or use some of the online analytics tools available on the market. If you can't get this information (for example, if you want to see your anonymous blog, and Anonymous doesn't provide the original browsing history), you can use the analytics tool with some third party web pages. Google Analytics is the most commonly used in this regard. The benefits of Google analytics are free, easy to set up, and rich in content. The downside is that Google will be able to get all the information on your site. This is not what all web owners are willing to accept.

2. How many pages have been revenue from search engines. If your site has 100 pages, and search engines only know 10 of them, that means the remaining 90 pages will not be able to attract visitors from the search engine. You must understand that although your site has a home page, but visitors do not necessarily from this homepage to enter your site. In fact, every page in your site can be a visitor's entry. So, you need to try to keep every page of your site in the index of the search engine.

How to find this data:

On Google and MSN you can play site:[website name]. If you want to see PChome, you will enter On Yahoo, you can use Siteexplorer to view.

3. How many hyperlinks are in your site (incoming links). The more pages you have connected to your site, the more people think that the content of your site is worth recommending. Search engines also think so. Therefore, the more hyperlinks to the site in the search engine ranking will be the more ahead. In addition to quantity, the quality of the super connection is also very important. I'll discuss the quality of the hyperlinks in later articles.

How to find this data:

This data can be checked by Yahoo's siteexplorer. It should be noted that although Google has to provide this functionality, but the number found through this feature is not accurate. If the SEO company with whom you are contacting tells you that you can use Google to find this data, then I suggest you hurry up and talk to another company.

4. The ranking of keywords. The better the ranking on each keyword, the higher the chance of selecting your site on behalf of your visitors. Since every page of today's search engine usually shows 10 results, your goal should be the top 10. With 10 results per page, the 50th and No. 200 are basically no different, because neither of them will get any visitors from the search engine. One interesting thing is that the tenth-place site has a higher click rate than the Nineth, because some people will simply pull the page down to the bottom and then click the last site directly.

How to find this data:

If you value the word word is very little, then you can be a manual way to check the search engine regularly. If you have a lot of words, you can use the API provided by the search engine to check it, or write your own program (for example, with wget instructions).

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