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In the relevant forum of SEO will often see some netizens posting said, want to modify their own web page title or keywords, because most want to modify the friends are not sure whether they can modify the end, Baidu will not be their own web site or page to reduce the right or the treatment of K. First we have to figure out three questions:

1, Baidu for the keyword modification of the processing methods and principles of treatment;

2, why we want to modify the website or Web keywords;

3, at present, although Baidu is a Chinese engine features a very powerful search engine, we also consider, our flow distribution, in the end is more Baidu or Google more, or sogou more, or Bing more, or Yahoo more, or soso more and so on.

The above three questions we have analyzed clearly, also thought clearly, then we come up with the plan may have two kinds:

The first one: Modify your own web page keywords.

The second type: Discard changes.

If we choose the second option, of course, the following text and related reading articles will not need to continue to read or can be extensive reading.

If we choose to modify their own web keywords, then how do we modify, there is any way to ensure that our station is not only not Baidu and other search engine punishment, but also will be more and more good to include, and produce a benign ranking effect.

Next I specifically for this idea to carefully analyze the root of three problems, and how to modify and produce benign effects of some practical methods.

Analysis of three questions:

1, Baidu about our key words of the modification of the treatment and treatment principles

Baidu in the Web keyword this block in the end support does not support us to do the Web page keyword modification? The answer is affirmative, support, but the absolute is the degree, not what you think of today to modify into what, tomorrow thought of what to modify into what, if so, Baidu not only will not be included in your Web page content, But also will stop Baidu Spider to crawl your webpage content, at the same time will also take the content which you previously included as some rubbish information or the expiration content carries on the deletion processing, but is not the update processing. This time is most of our webmaster usually see the Baidu pull hair or down the right, or K station, complained of the sound of a piece.

Blame should be more of our serious thinking, why Baidu will do so, Baidu is also a site, but his service angle is not the same, he is also hoping to give his search users a good experience, an efficient search tool. Rather than let their users search content and user goals inconsistent content, so Baidu will inevitably die of their own irregular management and improper treatment.

So what kind of modifications does Baidu support and encourage them to revise?

Since Baidu CEO Robin Li on August 18, 2009, "Baidu Technology Innovation Conference" put forward "box operation", then has proved that Baidu more and more attention to user experience, although we to and Baidu's "box operation" view of different, praise and praise are different (for belittle "box operation" The value of people also need to understand Baidu's current technology development maturity, not what technology can be in a relatively short period of time can be quickly achieved, but a process of continuous maturation, so there is still such or such inaccuracies are inevitable, but I am sure that Baidu's executives and technology executives are absolutely not simply going to fight Google's technical pressure, but Baidu does realize the actual value of the user experience, really want to do from the data mining to do more real, more accurate, and then to Baidu's users to provide real, accurate data services. Many times later, Li also mentioned some of the concepts related to user experience, including Li also advocated the majority of webmaster friends to actually do the site SEO, the reason we do not know.

Baidu for the data processing principles and methods is such, then our SEO keywords and data Services How to do will be better and Baidu's search service philosophy consistent? Although through the above analysis, we already know one or two of the truth or method, but I still to be able to explain more clearly, Let's talk about the methods and related issues we need to be aware of.

A, Baidu for a website title modification or new online site, Baidu's treatment is basically in accordance with the new station to re-examine, that is, if you are the new station title for Baidu, fixed is in accordance with the new station of the treatment, if you are the old station, but the title to make changes, Baidu will do a new station to look at processing, Because some domain name changed, but we did not change the route Baidu why also will look for the new station? Baidu thinks maybe you are already in the service of new service data, so it will be similar to a new station, so your station will enter a temporary sandbox period, So the length of time of this sandbox depends on whether your title is tight on your site, whether the better relevance of your website data services, whether more authentic, accurate to provide users with the required data information, if yes, then Baidu will soon you from the sandbox period released, and friendly to collect you, And according to the content of your popularity, the chain of friendship and the degree of originality, to carry out a related content priority ranking or ranking.

B, the choice of keywords and on-line need to pay attention to four problems, first: Must use index keywords, the reason is very simple, the index word is Baidu for netizens search habits of some summary words, but also some of the data core ideas of words or phrases. As long as your content tightly buckle the core meaning of the index Word, your data is the user needs of the actual, accurate data, then your ranking will go up, on the contrary, will be ranked down. Even expelled from the ranks. The second problem is that the keyword should not be too much (General 1-5, 2-3 is the best), I in the last "talking about the writing of Web keywords and precautions" a article has been mentioned to Baidu keyword to give weight score a blog post address: s/blog_6870de740100vaz5.html), a lot of netizens reprinted, I think we continue to read this article will know why not too much. Third question: Web keyword modification is good, or new Web site on the line keyword or not, must be closely subject to the theme of the site or the current page theme, or others search your Web page will not be interested to continue reading, your website PV is very low, more likely to have back users, If you are a Sales type product site, this time you are in trouble, even if you do Baidu bid promotion may not have any good effect. Fourth question: If you are the old station for keyword modification, be sure to pay attention to progress, if the site has many channels, each channel below there are many columns, we must follow the "priority algorithm", there are low-level to the advanced direction of implementation, specific how to do it, first content, then column, again channel, and finally change the homepage, Each change is best to choose Monday or Tuesday, after a change, please maintain a week or more after the other place, and once again that must be all the content keyword must be subject to buckle.

C, check their own web page structure is consistent with the article related to some of the norms, if not, please in accordance with your idea of the second fast content, modify where the key words to change the location of the Web page structure, In addition Baidu Spider also prefers to continue to crawl and crawl content along the content below the article. Also like some of the structure of illustrations, the truth is also very good to see, people always like to have illustrations of the help or knowledge of the article, rather than just simple text of the boring information.

2, why we want to modify the website or Web keywords;

Why do we want to modify the website or the keywords of the Web page, we need to grasp several principles: the first principle, must be for better correlation data information; the second principle, in order to better meet the user to find data information habits, the third principle, in order to better summarize the content of the web, better, Faster Help the user understand the content of the Web page. If we can not do these three principles, or also grasp the bad words, please do not make changes to the decision. Otherwise you will join the blame webmaster ranks.

3, the distribution of flow source analysis.

Sometimes we will find some stations, web keywords do not very good, Baidu to the flow is not very high, but the current Google, BING, Yahoo, Sogou, Soso, AOL and other search engines to give the traffic weight is very good, I take a specific example of what we are doing for the business to do traffic analysis, to help the majority of users better to understand the global analysis of the site's keywords why to consider a number of factors, such as the following figure:


My analysis has found that in fact, this station is not only Baidu's traffic is good, other search engine traffic is also very good, then our changes are bound to consider other search engine algorithm anastomosis, so we make a website keyword change decision, please be sure to highly maintain a global analysis of the idea, Only in this way your SEO will be invincible. The traffic on your site will be high, your users will really like your site, and the long-term intention to go back to read related articles or enjoy data services, your users will take the initiative to help you promote your site or in their own friends to help you advise them to use your site.

I do not know Zeng such a lengthy description of these ideas is useful, but no matter what, write good, one more support, write a bad, please do not give me a brick shoot die, thank you.

Reprint, please keep the source Web site "University of the Future Network College":

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