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28 Push Host-Lluya: Everyone good, 28 push the 11th interview officially began, please do not talk in the interview, the following by inviting our guests Mr. Tangkailao and everyone to say hello. Flowers to send on.

Guest-Tangkailao: Hello everyone, very happy to participate in 28 push interview. I was a 06 graduate, has been struggling in the Internet, computer professionals, first to do the programmer, but the program development did not drop, because the company to promote the reason, in 07 officially into the search engine marketing industry, did encyclopedia, online tourism, financial industry, real estate, IDC, study abroad, More than 10 industries to go abroad Search engine optimization and PPC launch. 07 IDC Company, 08 Cool News market, 09-10 years, Interactive encyclopedia, 10 to now, full-time search engine marketing (SEO,PPC service), negative public opinion intervention and other advisory services.

28 Push Host-Lluya: Now the tourism site is very hot, Baidu also set up their own platform, Taobao also officially into the wireless tourism market, launched Taobao travel iphone clients, the major portals are also staring at this market. Can you tell us about the future of the online travel website?

Guest-Tangkailao: A comparison of the company, a market data information shows: 2010 China's online tourism industry scale of 39 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42%. The growth rate of the next two years is expected to remain above 30%, and the market is expected to reach 68 billion yuan by 2012. Despite the explosive growth, the online travel market accounted for only 3.3% of the total tourism industry last year. The existing main online marketing service providers, due to personnel, energy, product line and many other factors, no one company can provide a full range of quality products and services, especially in the market segments, the corresponding opportunities are some, if there are advantages in some areas, such as technology, sales, you can do. Recently, several low-key companies have acquired venture capital. So if you're going to do it, there's a pretty good chance.

28 Push Host-Lluya: Well, it seems that the tourism market is really very large, there are a lot of strong companies and enterprises to participate in. I heard that your SEO technology is very strong, and has been doing this work, then you are responsible for the optimization of the tourism site what type?

Guest-Tangkailao: Well, I recently optimized the site of the 2~3 brigade * * Industry, the flow rate of increase is very high, the most, net flow of more than 5 times times. Vertical Search, air tickets online ordering, travel abroad, attractions information services, such as the type of website, remember correctly, altogether served 7.

28 Push Host-Lluya: Then you have quite a lot of experience in this line. Can you share some SEO tips and precautions with us on the travel site?

Guest-Tangkailao: Oh, okay, because contact this industry relatively early, the first contact with this industry, or evergreen interview me.

Actually do SEO, itself belongs to the product of a push, the role of the market sector, but is to serve the product itself, technology to achieve, operating departments to operate, so need to consider: now the market, the user whether there is a product demand, the future of the product will be a state of what the status of the product in the company in what state, Market, Operation department can cooperate with, give effective support, technology can realize, this is SEO before implementation, certain to think clearly several questions.

Based on the SEO information, can be searched on the internet. Whether it is a travel site, or other industries, the site itself contains a great amount of information, but we have to dig enough data. In the travel industry website, there is never a lack of content sources, basically each site, will have their own flagship products, the optimization of a website, the more important several:

1. Core resource Analysis

2, core resources and the expansion of the core resources of supplementary products

3, the mutual integration of the resources of the website

If you can, SEO personnel station angle as high as possible

Guest-Tangkailao: Sharing is not much, a lot of information, online have, the key is their practice attitude

28 Push Host-Lluya: Well, a lot of things are slowly groping themselves out. But that's also valuable.

Guest-Tangkailao: There is also a particularly important problem that people who do technology may sometimes be hurt. This argument, is derived from the implementation of SEO, in fact, the need for technical personnel to operate, a lot of technical personnel, SEO may have a certain understanding, so eventually in the realization of the time, we need to convince the technology, either strong, or reasoning, or other, to see their own way of working.

Take the tourist attraction SEO as an example

A, information development, can be supplemented by information, tourism introduction, Attractions Introduction, eat, drink, play, music, live, travel, reviews, the relevant information to be integrated if not done badly, the effect should be passable.

B, site integration: Different products within the information through, complementary products, simple, can be understood as the optimization of the chain, the CHAIN keyword priority order for: Long tail word "in the long term" core words

Online travel, due to the large amount of information, more taboo things:

A, description, title, keywords modular settings, it is easy to have big problems in Baidu, some people may mention that, 51766, Zhongguancun, where to go and other sites are set up, the reasons are:

The website creation time is urgent early, the website profession characteristic (vertical search and other professions have the difference), belongs to the company own original information more

b, the information is the same as the reference, after the excerpt placed on the website

That's pretty much it.

28 Push Host-Lluya: Then how do you think of Baidu's participation, feel competitive pressure?

Guest-Tangkailao: The pressure of competition is absolutely big, but the key is to see how to locate their own products and expectations, if the early ambition is not particularly large, do a good market segments, should be able to get their own space, operating for a period of time, products and other aspects of good things to do, the least resale, estimating the problem is not particularly difficult. Like Ctrip newly set up not long donkey rating nets, cool hearing before the acquisition of the unsuccessful 51766. Recently, it seems that several companies have received financing in the tourism market segment.

28 Push Host-Lluya: Now some of the tourism site is a separate whole, some of the portal site with a level two domain name, this for optimization has any impact?

Guest-Tangkailao: Under the same circumstances, certainly is * * The domain name advantage, but also involves the website whole station weight influence and so on factor, therefore cannot separate to say well with is not good.

28 Push Host-Lluya: If the major sites to compete for the same keyword, such as a city + tourist attractions, if you can make it by the front?

Guest-Tangkailao: There is no big site to compete for a single word, if you must compete this word, you can put the word in the top of the home page, outside the chain, the chain and so on all add or in the home page description, title, the home page itself to show the information to carry out the target keyword presentation. Note: HTML itself is interpreted, in order from top to bottom, not like Java, C is an execution type.

28 Push Host-Lluya: What is the best site you think SEO is doing at the moment, but where is it? You can also let us study.

Guest-Tangkailao: This proposition itself is a pseudo proposition, not the best one said, like you ask Alibaba seo good or East net SEO, industry different, market promotion, product-oriented users, no absolute comparability. Put aside the search engine itself factors, SEO better site, East Net, where to go to these sites are good.

Guests-Tangkailao: SEO good site, in addition to the details of the SEO itself, relatively important in several aspects: the site structure, such as tree-like, network of the use of a combination;

Information presentation form, the nature of the search engine is a feature of the user needs to present the information services, so in the SEO, this need to focus on the simplicity of the Web page program, effectiveness. Some of the reasonable use of JS, different sites have different specific circumstances. However, it is suggested that long-term observation of some of the major sites, some of the keywords, some small site keyword in the search engine rankings fluctuations, the Baidu collection, ranking included data are sorted out, so the site SEO understanding, the setting should have certain benefits, do this work best to be durable, The advantage is that you can analyze some of the rules of the search engine to change the trend out.

Guest-Tangkailao: Look at this channel itself, the amount of information, the company to promote, the amount of information on the site, the original degree has a very heavy relationship, and also is the extent of the use of what kind of situation. Online travel, has a part of the site to blog (travels or other) the form of display products, the effect is quite good, such as the MA Honeycomb www.mafengwo.cn

28 Push Host-Lluya: There is a final question, and then is to answer the questions of netizens. SEO is very important for the site, the user experience is also very important, then you do in the process of SEO optimization, feel that tourism site design needs to pay attention to what? What if the SEO and user experience contradict?

Guest-Tangkailao: SEO, the ultimate goal is to attract users to complete the final step of the transformation.

So in the user experience and SEO these two points, there should be a balance, if through this setting, can add 500uv/days for a page, but not through this setting, users can add a transformation every day, I think many companies are willing to go through the search engine to 500UV, Must be the user through the search engine to reach the target page, the correlation is relatively high, to search engine 1~5% conversion calculation (industry is not the same. Conversion target is not the same, conversion rate has a certain floating), it is worth considering.

In the balance, the need for SEO practitioners, the site itself, competitors have a full analysis of the forecast, convincing products and other departments, and then to optimize the product for SEO, the estimated effect must have a certain amount of data support, a certain chance to achieve the corresponding estimates.

The netizen asks a question: Excuse me to ask a webpage, be indexed by the search engine, now all inside chain withdraws, this page in search engine next big update of Time collects still in? Is it always there?

Guest-Tangkailao: The internal chain of the exit, is the page to point to the inner chain of the page or this page to the inner chain of the page. With the page pointing to the other pages within the chain is removed to explain:

Can not say that the absolute is included or not included, because the Web page itself attached to this site, the site itself is too big, this page will also be affected, if the page itself at the level of the site, the information is not too bad, most of the situation will be fine.

The page being pointed to is dismantled outside the chain: the same situation, the page information is not bad, still will not be included, this situation, monitoring a separate page, not too big graduation, not too good to achieve, technology allows, multiple Analysis server log, monitoring this page belongs to the channel on the line

User: I would like to ask guests, the tourism industry is probably the breakdown of what?

Guests-Tangkailao: Understand is not a special comprehensive, know that there are: Forum Advisory category (eat, drink, play, shopping, etc.), travel notes category, attractions Tickets category, others may be more familiar with, online order tickets, hotels and so on.

Friend: May I ask the guest, for the recent fiery micro-blog, there is no research? Is it feasible to use microblogging to do SEO?

Guest-Tangkailao: There's a lot of useful information.

1, crawl the information above their own company, generate a high correlation forum posts, basic can do original, because of the high correlation, quality is not too bad

2, the extraction of related pages, for news and information reviews, because there are celebrities, real-time, hot information contained therein, sorted out the original information, but also to obtain a larger flow.

This is more suitable for the initial site to obtain a large number of basic page and information-type site optimization.

User questions: I would like to ask guests: on the current medical industry how to do better to do seo this piece?

Guest-Tangkailao: The medical profession, mainly divides into two pieces

1, resume hospital industry official website, to hospital qualification, predominance, pass patient's Trust

2, to the station group mode, to obtain a large number of effective users, to transform

The establishment of the medical profession official website, this is more useful, the mainstream, takes the relatively many mode to carry on.

Well, because of the time, today's interview is over. I hope you will continue to support the 28 push.

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