The development of BPM industry in China from the perspective of domestic process management software market share

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With the support and guidance of the Internet +, China Manufacturing 2025, Industry 4.0 and other national strategies, enterprises in the digital economy era of information performance is amazing, more and more enterprises realize that for the development of enterprises, information automation is far from enough, enterprise strategy, business and it need to maintain a high degree of consistency, At the same time of hard-working it drilling, strengthen the management of internal strength, can greatly enhance the operational efficiency and quality.

How to help enterprises improve management quality and efficiency, known as the Enterprise Business Unit and IT department of communication between the bridge of the BPM popularity seems to be growing. However, while BPM has accounted for half of the world's top 500 companies, the market share of domestic BPM remains bleak.

BPM What kind of fairy is it ?

When it comes to BPM, many people are still bewildered, is it a workflow? Is it OA? Is it EAI? In fact, in China this heavy process approval country, many enterprises and institutions, even the smallest team will use some process management tools, we work almost every day with the process of dealing with, but in the end there are companies with BPM, as if really not many. BPM is above the altar in China, it seems that only super-large enterprises to use, for ordinary enterprises, BPM is still difficult to reach.

According to the domestic process management software market share accounted for, OA has 47% market share, self-development (including open source) accounted for 35%, and another 8% for EAI,BPM accounted for only 10%. There are several reasons why BPM accounts for so little in China's process management software.

First, the Chinese people pay more attention to the approval than the process management, so OA big line. With Chinese characteristics, OA is cheap and easy to use, which is favored by domestic enterprises. But OA's starting point is office automation and approval, not really from the perspective of the process management, the enterprise process management to improve the help little.

Second, China's labor costs are low, self-development projects do not reduce the intensity. In previous years, with low labor costs and high BPM prices, many Chinese companies have opted for self-developed or open source research and transformation. Unfortunately, the effect of self-development is not ideal: the quality is not standard, the project is continuously postponed, the function is not ideal, the system maintenance is difficult ... However, it also accounted for the top One-third market.

Moreover, China's economy has been growing at a high speed, and companies value investment and neglect internal management. BPM and EAI core belong to the scope of process management, can realize the end-to-end process control through the integration of the business, really help the enterprise to improve the level of process management and enhance the core competitiveness from the business. The data show that the market share of such a target is very low.

In addition to the above customer factors, resulting in the BPM market uncertainty and the most important reason is that BPM itself, on the altar, the threshold is very high, the cost of ownership is huge.

Domestic BPM development process

The development of BPM in China is like fog like rain and wind, which can be said from the development process of BPM in our country. At the beginning of 21st century, BPM was formally introduced to China from abroad, but at that time BPM was a very professional middleware-grade product, with complex state machines, events, events and other concepts flooding them, only a high level of development implementation personnel can manage. At that time, BPM project implementation companies are also international giants, a process project, always tens of thousands.

With the development of domestic BPM enterprises, BPM in the domestic market ushered in a period of change. In particular, after 2010, BPM was transformed from middleware level to "rapid process development platform" with the products represented by H3 BPM. BPM is a development tool for it, centered on the general concepts of processes, forms, and general IT staff. As a result, the cost of ownership of enterprise BPM has fallen to millions. However, the level of millions is still difficult for ordinary enterprises to bear.

This is an industry problem, how to change the industry, change the rules of the game, so that the development of the BPM industry to usher in a blowout? On the basis of recognizing reality and history, China's BPM industry needs subversion and change!

China's BPM era of subversion and change

When BPM is a middleware product, the biggest cost of BPM projects is development costs, and when BPM changes into a process development platform, the biggest cost is "demand communication costs." According to H3 BPM implementation of project statistics, process implementation costs 80% from the requirements of communication and project management. If the enterprise can complete the BPM architecture independently and eliminate the 80% implementation cost, the overall BPM cost of ownership will be significantly reduced. At the same time, the Enterprise's self-implementation can continue to iteratively optimize the process management, the value of BPM will be further amplified, so that tens of thousands of enterprises enjoy the management dividend of BPM.

This vision is becoming a reality. Recently, H3 BPM has released the 10.0 version of the theme "Let the world not have a difficult process", and launched the BPM product of operation and maintenance level. Let the world no difficult process is the fundamental subversion of the industry, then, a can change the market of BPM, what is it?

It should be more configurable than OA, without the need for professional developers, enterprise IT administrators, even business units can easily configure the process, more integration than EAI, the enterprise's common management system can be unlimited connectivity, like Internet products as easy to use, with the ultimate user experience, and the depth of BPM capabilities, Features such as deep analysis remain strong. This kind of BPM, can "four two dials the ton", serves the person, rests on the person.

Today, the Internet and cloud computing has become an unavoidable topic, the state also encourages "de-virtual into reality", overhaul management of internal enterprises, has fully recognized the value of process management to enterprise management. This is a new opportunity for China's BPM, but also the development of its own era of change, to help tens of thousands of enterprises to consolidate management foundation, reshape the value of process management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, fully enjoy the process to bring management dividends of China's BPM, will enter the Golden Age!

The development of BPM industry in China from the perspective of domestic process management software market share

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