The experience of SEO search engine optimization design and development

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The experience of SEO search engine optimization design and development
1, in the URL contains keywords.
2. A page is best made up of 2 or 3 paragraphs. And the paragraphs are rich in keywords and descriptions of keywords.
3, rich keyword text paragraph as far as possible near the front of the page code.
4, use Header label. Include the most important keywords in 5, the HTML file not too big, too large search engine crawler crawling page content.
6, the picture must use ALT to write the description, and contains the keyword in the description.
7, the use of text in the chain, and avoid the use of picture links.
8, try not to use JS DHTML. CSS can be used to achieve some page effects.
9, do not use the frame structure. The frame structure can cause the search engine crawler to lose direction.
10. Make sure Robots.txt is correct-don't use robots.txt if you don't use it.
11, use 301 jump instead of using the 302 jump page.
12. Do not use interrogative sentences in URLs.
13, keep the HTML code concise and orderly.
14. Proper use of table. Using CSS to layout is better for SEO.
15, do not have the same site to place the same content page, the search engine is disgusted with this kind of garbage behavior.
16, use the Welcome page cautiously. The General Welcome page has only a few pictures or flash, very few words. This is unfriendly to search engines and hinders the crawler's access to truly informative pages.
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