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It is called the first case of the US financial crisis affecting the collapse of Chinese real-economy companies, and IT companies linked to the financial investment industry have laid off workers. In mid-September, China-wide It technology companies announced a total of 19683 layoffs, Chinese-made PC manufacturers Tsinghua Tongfang will be the news of the layoffs, with the world's largest electronic online trading market E-commerce website Alibaba, in late September also spread the news of mass layoffs. IDC industry collapse Wind reappearance, "Shanghai net Live incident" the influence has not stopped, but also came the news of the collapse of Beijing IDC company. Ten years of video vision "sudden death." Several IDC companies have been closed down, the video site is struggling, the major firms have laid off, sweeping the global financial tsunami, the Chinese real economy is gradually exposed to the harm.
2008 is a year of internal and internal turmoil of IDC industry. Telecommunications restructuring, Olympic seal nets, "Internet winter" and other events to make small and medium-sized IDC enterprises more vulnerable than ever. At present, all walks of life are cautious in seeking development. Website construction in this piece, many small and medium-sized enterprises began to save costs, no longer favored the expensive server hosting. Stability and security of high, affordable virtual host products, more in line with the SME website construction and personal website needs. But the current domestic virtual host low threshold, market chaos, in a mixed host market to pick out a virtual host to meet the actual situation of the enterprise, is the focus of the enterprise construction site, the choice of a strength, there is surgery, a good service IDC services provider is the most important.
Compared with the previous virtual host, The Times Network ( launched the 2009 new excellent host security, stability and speed have been further optimized and improved, more rich and humane, fully taking into account the personalized needs of customers, the price is more reasonable. To meet the market demand for cost-effective mainframe. Excellent host use the most advanced technology, the most stable hardware equipment, for your host to provide high-speed, safe, stable operating environment.
Professionals tell US: "The development of the virtual host is a revolution in the network society, it makes the network technology more popular, people's pursuit of the host will be correspondingly improved." The virtual host gradually developed more and more functions. Virtual host is a long-term service, the major service providers should be able to improve the enterprise research and development capabilities, strengthen services, strengthen and Internet enterprises to carry out a variety of business integration, in order to more long-term development.
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