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For SEO (SEO), although there is such a theory, technology, but the importance of content is always ranked first: content is the implementation of any other SEO technology or means of the foundation, leaving content extravagant talk about SEO does not have much substantive significance. The phrase has become commonplace "content for the King" Although the absolute some, but the intention is nothing but the emphasis on the content of the final SEO effect of the decisive role.

But it must be clear that any search engine's algorithms are flawed, so some sites that don't really have real content can get their rankings in the search results page by some black hat means, and this should not happen in a very long time to be completely eliminated. Because of this, the major search engines are strongly stressed the importance of content, trying to guide the site to build the site to optimize and promote the work of the focus of the content of the construction.

For example, Google's Quality guidance section in its webmaster guidelines specifically suggests:

If your site participates in an affiliate program, make sure your site adds value to it. Please provide unique and relevant content that gives users reason to visit your site first.

Again, such as Baidu in the site to the webmaster suggestions also have similar text:

Create your own unique content Baidu prefers unique original content. Therefore, if your site content is only from the collection and replication from everywhere, it is likely will not be included in Baidu.

So how do you understand the search engine's claims?

  unique content and original content

First of all, even if the search engine similar to the above said there is a certain "guide", "normative" website construction and promotion of behavior patterns of suspicion, but the importance of highlighting the content is always not wrong. After all, users search, access the real content-whether it is the corresponding information, products or services-and an open found in addition to piling keywords without the actual content of the Web page, whether to visit users or search engines are not worth it.

Second, the terminology used by search engines here focuses on "uniqueness" rather than just "original". In a strict sense, a unique Contents is a subset of original content (Original content): Uniqueness is certainly original, but original content may not be unique-this should be understood, for example, An original article may be just a repetition of the views that others have said countless times. Fundamentally speaking, the value of content embodied in the "uniqueness", only the unique content, only the content of the site, can become users to visit the cause of the site.

However, this brings a problem, in the dissemination of information so fast and convenient today, there really is what can be called "unique" content?

  The confusion of the unique content

From a simple literal understanding, as long as the content of the site is original, and the content includes their own views, perspectives, or even the views of others in their own language or habits to regroup, it can be regarded as unique content. From this point of view, the existence of unique content is beyond doubt.

But what about search engines? For example, a site in the content construction never reprint, copy other sites, all for the original, but this can ensure that the search engine is considered "unique content"?

The answer is clearly not optimistic: the site itself is powerless to control how other websites handle their content. Nowadays, "reprint", or caustic point of plagiarism, has become the most common means of website content construction, to Vista world For example, often we have an article issued, will soon appear more than 10 or even dozens of of the clone version, the so-called "unique" will not exist.

This situation is unavoidable, the site itself is powerless, but the search engine does not seem to be a good way, as we have reproduced in the reproduction will affect the authority of the original page? As discussed in the article, Search engines in determining the original source of content is still very far away from the ideal distance, in fact, many search engines simply to their first index, included in the page as the original source, while the other pages labeled as duplicate content, or lower ranking or placed in the supplementary index , and in fact, the time that the corresponding content appears on the Internet and its index time are two concepts, there is a big deviation. Still take Vista as an example, the same article, in the search results page ranking often far behind the NetEase college or Tenkine of the corresponding reprint page.

  when the content is not unique, the user to visit the motivation of the site still exist?

Simply put, if all the content of Vista world can be seen in other websites, such as NetEase College or Tenkine, then why should users visit Vista instead of visiting NetEase College? Comparatively speaking, there is richer content.

The same is true for search engines: Why do you want to display the Vista page in the search results page or in front of it?

Of course, from the site as a whole, as long as the site can continue to provide original content (no unique content here temporarily), it can gradually accumulate authority, with the passage of time, it may become the same field, the same industry authoritative website. And for SEO, this is the most critical, only to obtain the trust of search engines, only to be said to be successful SEO. At the same time, ongoing original content can also encourage users (again) to visit the site. However, the establishment of site authority, is not only the original (unique) content of the scope can be covered.

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