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Taobao customers have been doing for some time, is starting from the novice. In the past for Amoy customers, SEO is not a Greek. Just listen to a side webmaster friend introduced only slowly into the industry. Choose Amoy as the first to make a net profit lesson, I feel the introduction is smooth.

My domain name was registered 3 months ago, and the space is bought together. At that time for their own practicing first bought a 5 yuan/month novice space, with the current more popular z-blog. Because of the engineering background, I feel that the program is not a big problem, soon the site debugging pass. Listen to a friend said, a space of good or bad for the future SEO rankings will have a great impact. So, I decided to buy a slightly better space for my first website to find a better house. From Taobao bought a quarter to pay 90 100M space, began my novice Taobao guest journey.

October 14, 2011 to upload the program to space, I began to update the content of the site. In Amoy choice is the United States camel shoes as my promotion of products, because the key words selected the United States Camel shoes China official website as the main, so chose both and camel related to China's as domain name registration. I first read a lot about shoes related knowledge, first enrich themselves. I started to write my own articles, until now I still write my own articles. I always believe that a work, a harvest. Although my site initially IP only 3, and 4, I did not intend to have income. But inadvertently see Ali mother when found incredibly in October 25, that is, the site online just 11 days, miraculously have 32.48 yuan of income. I was overjoyed.

As the saying goes: Do not find reasons for failure, only to find ways to succeed. So I decided I had to figure out where the traffic came from, so I had more than 30 oceans? I looked through the statistics tool to examine my only few IP. Because this Taobao guest is the new on-line, I in A5 and some stationmaster forum above has seen someone writes, the new station does not enrich up before the content, the quantity of outside chain must control. I did not know right and wrong, but after all, do not listen to the old man's words suffer in front of. I still choose to believe. I just tentatively in Baidu Post bar left a small ad. But then the analysis was that this small advertisement brought this revenue.

With the money to do the driving force, I immediately full of confidence in my novice trip. Daily updates also feel very, very passionate. Slowly on the November 4 when Baidu included the home page. The next about 10 days or so is the middle of November, the inner page also has 2 pages were included. November 11 is the time of Taobao Mall on the 11 day, just Friday. Baidu mercifully, suddenly included 43 pages, my new station also slowly embarked on the formal.

Listen to a friend said within 3 months, there will be a sandbox period. So I'm also very, very cautious. Every day to adhere to their original (completely a word of their own, a word knocked Up). Every day adhere to the classification, and bring me the first bucket of gold posted outside the chain, generally around 15 a day. Because it is a new station also dare not send too much. I know also to do a two outside the chain, to the present only two know the chain will bring me about 10 IP. It seems that Baidu products with good is really an artifact ah.

As the saying goes, strewn. My new station on December 6, 2011, there was the first crisis. Number 6th, I go to the same night as usual to see traffic (personally think it is necessary to see the flow is not only to see the number, more important is the analysis of keywords and IP routing, for the later construction of the chain and article writing to provide a strong basis), suddenly found that the domain name can not access I thought it was the server reboot at first. Because the next day, no contact Space business customer service at night. By the time I was 7th, I went to see it again, and I found it still inaccessible. I think it's broken. It's not a space crash. And immediately contacted the space merchant. The reply given is that the server was attacked and a better server must be changed. I am afraid to be included in the affected, dare not delay, immediately from Taobao changed a new Hong Kong space. After an afternoon of tossing, finally can visit.

Although, this is a small storm. But it also brought some influence to my new station. First of all, Baidu Snapshot has been stuck on December 5, 2011 as long as 6 days. To the space collapse of the fourth day, the number of sudden reduction, leaving only the home page. Know that 12 days after Baidu began to re-included in the page. The entire collection and snapshot status of number 20th was restored to normal. There is a December 12 Taobao 12 activities, I feel certain to have a certain impact on income.

After this little disturbance, I understand a few points.

1, the stability of space for a new station is how important. million can not covet cheap, buy space time must pay attention to a look at quality, two listen to Word-of-mouth, three do experiments. Don't be sure to buy it easily.

2, at the same time encounter problems must be the first time to solve, do not take a lucky mentality, a drag and drop. The last loss of himself.

3, the need to calm, the soldiers will block Prito. Although the space is black, after the first time processing, still must step by step the content renewal as well as the outside chain construction, Mickle, Mickle. Believe that quantitative change will bring about qualitative change.

The above is this first time to do Taobao guest website Some experience, to share with you, if you need to forward please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation. I will continue to work hard in the future, I hope that the predecessor corrected.

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