The rapid heating up of domain name industry into enterprise economic development strategy

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With the accelerated development of the Internet, "domain name" has also been heating up, and in recent years, the famous domain name registration, domain name development and the attention of all levels of government to the domain name, so that the domain name industry from the initiation to hot. Today, China's domain name-related industry scale of more than 4.2 billion yuan, the number of practitioners more than 100,000 people, the total domain name reached 1680多万个, registration and buying and selling domain name has become a new area of investment.

Domain name has penetrated into various industries, its popularity affects the development of various industries. ". China" domain name since May 7 this year in the national application, the visit has covered all provinces of mainland China, more than 80% of netizens can use the ". China" domain name to access the Internet. At the same time, the major browsers have implemented the ". China" domain name support, Google and Yahoo has also supported the Chinese Domain name collection and search. And the other, followed by the pace of the Times. mobi domain name also with the 3G wave of the advance and go into the peak, June 18, The Telecommunications Institute of Industry and Information technology and the global top-level domain name (. mo-bi) Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, users will be able to use the Chinese address at the mobile phone terminal to quickly access the mobile Internet, and will support the global "Chinese. mobi" domain name. Through these generous actions, we can see that the domain name industry has been heating up, a good domain name, the owner of the domain to bring huge benefits.

The rise of domain name industry is not groundless, but today the Internet and the inevitable outcome of the development of E-commerce, the author in the domain name five-star Registrars era of interconnection ( to understand that the domain name is the introduction of the Internet, shouldering the responsibility for the development of E-commerce Enterprises, A brand to be bigger and stronger in the internet era has been inseparable from the domain name. In recent years there have been a lot of domain name contention, such as child toy Dealer Toys "R" us for the protection of the brand in the name of 5.1 million dollars to buy the, The true happy net did not have to own development to bring the huge obstacle, thus caused the uproar the true happy Net event. Therefore, domain name registration, brand protection to preemptive, in order to occupy favorable business opportunities.

There are opportunities to face the challenges of nature, the continuous development of e-commerce, causing a boom in all walks of life to build stations. And the most important thing is to apply for a business related to their own high, easy to remember the domain name, so as not only to improve the visibility of enterprises, more attractive to attract a large number of visitors, expand the scope of promotion, increase revenue. This is bound to arouse the enthusiastic attention of rice farmers, domain name registration increasingly fierce, domain name investment more vigorous development. The winner of the challenge is likely to be the grasp of the opportunity, domain name registration, first-come first-served, once occupied by others, can only hope that "name" sigh.

In addition to the common. com,. cn domain names, in the era of the Internet registration agencies there are many industries related to domain names, such as. Travel,. mobi,. HK,. CC,. Tel, etc., and the "Chinese. China" domain name will become the mainstream of China's next generation Internet address Travel Domain name registration has become the major tourism companies, tourism sites, and other hot spots for the target, and China's 3G boom will be the major merchants to rush. mobi domain name preemption. Coincides with this economic recovery opportunity, you rice farmers were should be full of confidence in the domain name investment, make full use of resources, meet the challenges, grasp business opportunities.

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