The software industry chooses big companies or small companies

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2013 began in July, after 4 months of iOS training successfully entered a hand tour company, when thinking that the game industry to make money than the application, so did not do iOS. Resolutely into the game this line.

First of all, I just entered the company (150-point medium-sized game company) when the salary: 2500. For the same batch from the training institutions are actually low, but did not think too much, think as long as a good job promotion is not a problem, in fact, the boss to add 1000 after 3 months, graduation positive added 1000, 3 months and added 500. Less than one year wages become 5000. and other applications to do more than the relative is very good. But everyone knows that the game is a very serious overtime. ---------about the general overtime work in the IT industry I would like to say something personal: the lack of managerial ability is not enough to grasp the progress of the whole project. Think this industry is the case, overtime is the characteristics of the industry. I personally hate it so much. So motivational changes the state of the industry (just think about it).

The salary is actually satisfied, but day in, repeat work let me feel particularly no meaning, although in spare time to learn new knowledge, but I think in this company stay there is no future, so decided to job-hopping, just met a friend, he was in the game industry is relatively a good company. Told me that the company has recruitment, let me try. Then I went, and the result was hired. But it was the first time to leave, and how can not be determined. Tangled for a long time. And finally decided to go.

The software industry chooses big companies or small companies

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