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I would like to know such a question, as a search engine optimization personnel, your clients, or your customers are mainly that type of enterprise? Those products? What kind of industry is it? On the basis of answering these questions, I also want to understand that those products or customers are the most dependent on the search engine, no? and search optimization for which customers role is icing on the cake, do-can increase the volume of business, do not-sales are also basic can? and what customers, search engine optimization for them is dispensable? I want to understand these problems.

Because it is not possible like Baidu, with a large number of data resources, analysis of the data, such as the daily collection of mainly concentrated in those industries, it is easy to answer these questions. I have only a very limited number of customer resources, with this very limited customer resources, to do an analysis, may also be able to see the leopard spot.

My hands SEO main customer classification

Two years of web site editing, two years of search engine optimization supervisor, did the customer at least hundreds of people, some may be the whole case of marketing, some may be written two blog posts, etc., for SEO involved in different shades. These search engine optimization customers roughly, I will divide them into three categories, the first category is the sales entity product customers. Its key words are mainly product names, sales of products have industrial goods, but also personal consumer goods. The second is the Life service class customer. This type of customer optimization is mainly related to personal life services, such as mobile games, personal finance, e-commerce sites, moving companies and so on. The third category is industrial services customers, their products are mainly for enterprise services, such as equipment hoisting enterprises, corporate website construction and so on. Above three categories, is my contact for SEO needs of the main customer groups.

Different customer groups depend on the difference of SEO

According to my observation, the above three kinds of customers for SEO attitude, direction and dependence degree is also different. Industrial enterprises in marketing, in fact, online and on the line of dual development, and on-line marketing, search engine optimization and business-to-business platform also value. Consumer goods enterprises to rely on the degree of SEO is declining, mainly by the impact of the development of electricity, compared to SEO, a lot of consumer goods enterprises in favor of the construction of online shopping malls or into the platform, in fact, their investment in search engine optimization is decreasing every year. Life service products, which include services that provide personal or family life needs, such as recruiting websites, babysitting hiring, family moving and cleaning. Because many users are still accustomed to search engines to find this kind of life services, so, these enterprises a large part of the orders are obtained through search, they are more dependent on SEO. There are industrial services enterprises, including equipment moving companies, relocation of factories, business consulting, financial accounting, capital credit and so on, such enterprises are mainly to provide services to enterprises. For enterprises to provide services to the industry category is also a lot, the more competitive industry, the more dependence on SEO. Different customer groups for the degree of reliance on SEO as shown in the following figure, the more in the core position, the more dependent on the SEO.

The role of the analysis

Because different customer groups for SEO since the degree of different, in my opinion, at least can answer, the future contribution of the main search engine revenue is who? Personal consumer goods more and more to the caller, personal service acquisition, mobile Port acquisition than computer port acquisition more advantages, industrial sales to start to try O2O, That is, back under the layout line, and business-to-business and search optimization, in the acquisition of industrial enterprise customers, should be equal. We can conclude that the future use of search on the computer port is mainly business users, mainly working hours, mainly for the purpose of obtaining industrial services. Also said that the provision of industrial services enterprises, will be the most dependent on search optimization of the customer base.

This is to engage in SEO personnel and companies, the significance lies in the industrial services should be provided enterprises as their main target customer groups.

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