Thoughts on educational qualifications and abilities in the computer industry

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First, I declare that I do not mean anything to look down upon highly educated people, nor do I mean anything arrogant. I have no intention to argue with anyone. I wrote this article only for my personal experience and insights. At the same time, I also increased my confidence for people similar to me.

I am an ordinary junior college student. In my junior year this year, I have passed my graduation design and answer, so I can go out for an internship. I submitted some resumes online in the last month. I received many phone calls and interview notifications. I also interviewed several companies in Shanghai a few days ago and got two offers, I have some gains and insights during my resume and interview. I would like to share my experience with you here and provide some reference and confidence for students who are also looking for a job. (The language organization is not good. I hope you can join me and criticize me a lot. Thank you !)

In the past three years, college life has been fleeting, and some people may have gained a lot. They can learn a lot and lay a good foundation for their future work, it is also possible for some people to experience nothing. However, no matter what the harvest is, the reward is proportional. Now I can see that my students are busy every day. Some of them are undergraduate, some are eager to find a job, some are going to work as soldiers, and some are preparing to study at school for a while. I feel that no matter how you do it, you only need to work hard on any path. For special reasons in my family, I can only go out to work now. I felt that I had gained a lot in college over the past two years. From my freshman year, I participated in the National embedded Design Competition for college students, which inspired me deeply and inspired me. Then I made great efforts, after careful training by the teacher and my own efforts, I became a little bit younger. Then I joined the challenge cup in my sophomore year, trained me again, and made my goal clearer. My major is computer application technology. My courses are complex, including ps, dreamware web pages, and VB. The special courses are single-chip microcomputer. On the basis of learning these basic professional courses, I have also learned more about embedded systems through the Internet, including reading and downloading materials, practicing on my own, and watching videos. At the beginning, I was confused. However, after continuous efforts and perseverance, I learned a lot from participating in the competition and developing projects. By participating in competitions and communicating with others, we can see the level of others and learn by ourselves. And find that they are not inferior to any 211,985 of students, as long as they try to surpass them, it is actually very easy.

During my interview in Shanghai, I have gained a lot. I have seen the outside world, high-level people, and my own tomorrow. Through the interview, you can find out your shortcomings and the correct direction of effort, and correct your mistakes. At the same time, it is also found that companies in the computer industry focus on competence, and education is useless after you start your job. After you start a higher education, you cannot do a good job, as long as you have the ability to do a good job and earn a higher salary with a lower education level, I feel that you do not have to earn a higher education level in the computer industry. What is important is your practical ability to solve problems.

Therefore, for students with outstanding abilities but low academic qualifications, they do not need to feel inferior or unable to do anything. They must be confident and believe in themselves. As long as they work hard, they are not inferior to doctoral students and surpass them. (It is of course the best if you have a high degree of proficiency ).

The level is limited. Please kindly advise! Thank you!

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