Three principles of how to choose keywords in SEO

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In the beginning of the site to choose your main key words , If you choose the wrong , Then I can tell you , your site white did.

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A product self-study net > think the Pick keyword is seo seo identify target keywords > We've already said some. Remember to choose keywords that accurately reflect the subject matter of your site and the services closely related to it. Once you've listed a bunch of keywords that seem to be good and worth doing, refer to the following three principles that may be of great help to your ideas.


Hot keywords are often Baidu bidding, if you choose it as your main keyword, and do not talk about whether we can do it, theoretically as long as the word Baidu allowed to do it up. Even if the rankings do go up, you can surpass others Baidu bid ?  Baidu bidding too much, will lead to a large number of traffic is cut off ads. Your site even to the home page, this traffic is quite small, you have spent a lot of money. Therefore, the choice of some longer words can effectively avoid the occurrence of this situation. such as selecting the target keyword + region and a number of other professional terms as keywords.

These words no one is bidding because no one is searching for the word. We all know that Baidu bidding is to pay, and these words do not make it difficult, the top of the list is basically by natural optimization to do up, and some even some of the platform site of the inside page. In theory, more than their rankings became possible, and some words were still very small.


seoer , do not imagine a page to all the key words, do not put all the keywords piled up to the home page, quantitative changes will inevitably lead to qualitative change, will ultimately outweigh the gains! The quantitative change caused a qualitative change, you have therefore won the victory. Do a good job of keyword analysis, all levels of column allocation of reasonable keywords, and then carry out your work. In the mentality of keyword selection as far as possible to do subtraction, in the layout of each page also to do subtraction, the ultimate goal is accurate.


do seo seo and the profits that can be brought in later. Operating costs include not only the daily expenses of the website itself, seo input is the amount of energy and time it takes to make a word go up. Too much energy and time will bring financial burden to the enterprise, obviously does not accord with the principle of maximizing benefit. and has done the key words if the choice is not accurate, also will greatly affect the later profits. In the later period of the keyword adjustment will also face greater difficulty.

  Summing up, we can see how important the keyword determination is, especially for the enterprise station. three points, master, in the analysis of the keyword you will have some clues and focus. As for the keyword itself, such as the competition degree of specific methods, do SEO should be able to master, more look at related articles. If you want to learn more about SEO knowledge can go to our SEO tutorial area to download video tutorials.

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Three principles of how to choose keywords in SEO

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