Three Tips for using the registry

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Greetings at startup
Do you want to say "welcome" to you every time you start the system? You can do this using the following method:
Open the registry and create the LegalNoticCaption string under HKEY--LOCAL--MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, with the value set to greetings ", in addition, "LegalNoticeText" is assigned with "Welcome ". then shut down and restart. Please wait!
How to change a briefcase

Do friends who often use a briefcase think it looks ugly? Now you have the gospel. Open Registry Editor and find "HKEY--CLASSESROOT \ CLSID \ {85BBD920_42AO_1069_A2E4_08002B30309D} DefaultIcom"
Double-click "default" in the window on the right and change "Syncui. dll" to "Syncui. dll, 1" and then
After starting, you will find that your briefcase has changed and become a handsome metal warrior.
Add personal information to the taskbar

Have you ever tried to add some interesting information below your beloved camera screen, for example, Hello Kitty? The following methods help you fulfill your wish:
Open Registry Editor and create a new string "sTimeFormat" under HKEY_CURRENT-_USER \ ControlPanel \ International with the value "HH: MM: SS: TT ","
S1159 "=" Hello! "" S2359 "=" Kitty! "," HELLO! "will be displayed in front of the taskbar! ", Followed by" Kitty! "

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