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The WordPress system itself uses the default template when installed by default. In fact, it is not friendly to search engines and is not well designed for search engines, below I will introduce some tips and methods to make WordPress more friendly to search engines.

1. URL link structure optimization

Permalink must contain postname. generally, servers support the mod_rewrite function. You can use this function to optimize permalink (permanent link) and set it in the common options in Option-permalink, I prefer to use a link structure like/% year %/% monthnum %/Hangzhou postname20..html. The link directory has only two levels, which is conducive to indexing, second, this link structure is consistent with the link structure of Blogspot and movable type, which is more conducive to smooth system migration or switching. Postname is in English. If it is an english blog, the system automatically uses post slug as the postname.

2. Post slug Optimization

It is best to include the most critical keywords in the article. Do not use meaningless titles. For an english blog, it is best to enable a plug-in named SEO slugs, this plug-in can automatically delete "useless" words such as the and in the post slug, which is conducive to Seo.

3. Article Title Optimization

WordPress's default title is "blog name-article name", which is not good for Seo. I think it should be in the form of "article name-blog name, we recommend that you install a plug-in named all in one Seo pack to automatically optimize the title and add descriptions and keywords meta.

Optimization of 4、robots.txt

Put a robots.txt file under the blog root directory. You can specify that the search engine only contains the specified content. An example of explain is as follows:

User-Agent :*

5. sitemap Optimization

For Google search engines, using sitemap allows search engines to index more effectively. Installing a plug-in named sitemap generator can automatically generate Google sitemap, then, submit the address to Google webmaster.

6. prevent spam comments

Spam comments affect the performance of a blog in the search engine. Therefore, you need to install a plug-in that automatically filters spam comments. We recommend that you use akismet.

7. Related Articles

We recommend that you use the tag system in WordPress 2.3 to implement relevant articles through tag tagging, which is more efficient.

8. Search Engine source optimization

Install a plug-in named landing sites to provide better user experience for search engines. This plug-in can be used to select articles related to keywords displayed to users.

9. Do not make changes easily

Do not rashly change your domain name, blog name, link structure, link address, etc. It is unwise to make a global plan in the early stage.

10. Update your blog

Remember to update frequently and write high-quality content. This is the most important part of Seo. Writing high-quality articles will make Seo goals easier.

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