Traditional CDN Monopoly Market, the emerging CDN industry?

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According to the survey, with the development of Internet video,CDN cost accounted for the proportion of Internet overall platform cost, which is more than 70% in video company. CDN Industry - listed companies reported that the cost of bandwidth and servers accounted for the CDN cost has reached 70%.

over the past more than 10 years, the traditional CDN manufacturer, which is represented by the network and the Blue flood , has risen with the internet business, and has accumulated a wide range of customer groups and resources by relying on the first advantage, and has almost monopolized the whole CDN market. According to the report released by the China Institute of Information and Communication , the market share of the CDN industry in2014 is about 43%, and the blue Flood is about 37%, both of which occupy about 80% of the CDN market.

New CDN Service provider vs Traditional CDN service provider

CDN industry, compared to traditional CDN, the advantages of new CDN service providers:

1. New CDN Service providers make CDN Industry Improved service Awareness

Traditional CDN Business-led, emerging service providers pay more attention to services. Take Diycdn as an example, it established 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted technical support, real-time resolution of all outstanding situation! Diycdn the most intimate CDN technical support.

2. Dynamic node + multi-source intelligence

DIYCDN New CDN Service, the original dynamic DNS resolution based on big data analysis technology, unique multi-terminal intelligent analysis, node Intelligent identification of high-speed source and online source technology, your site is always connected to the most recent stable node. DIYCDN the most new CDN technology, fundamentally ensuring the stability and timeliness of communications.

3, security can improve

Diycdn realizes the whole Network Monitor, the dispatch is accurate, the node is rich, the real-time dynamic optimization accesses the route, guarantees the extreme acceleration State, and hides the source station IP, protects the website security.

Emerging CDN brings new vitality to the CDN industry !

Traditional CDN Monopoly Market, the emerging CDN industry?

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